S-WS350B lead-free dual Wave Soldering Machine with PC control



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Model S-WS350 B
Control Method  PC + PLC /Auto Add. Tin.(Option)
Conveyor Motor 1P AC220V  90W
Conveyor Speed  300-1800mm/Min
Direction L-R / R-L 
PCB size 50-350 mm
Preheating length 15KW,1800mm Three PID control
Preheating zone & tempreature 3 zone Room temp~250℃ adjustable
Heating method Infrared (hot air optional)
Cooling method Centrifugal wind convection cooling knife up and down 
Solder type Lead free solder/common solder
Tin stove power 9kw
Tin amount Approx.320KG 
Tin stove tempreature Room temp~300℃、Control accuracy ±1-2℃
Tempreature control P.I.D+SSR
Machine control method Siemens PLCcontrol +4.6 touching screen control 
Flux capacity Max5﹒2L
Flux flow 10~100ml/min
Fluxing method Japan MSC rodless cylinder + Japan Meiji A – 100 Sprayer 
Power 3 phase 5lines 380V(Can be suitable for 415V)
Start Power Max.9kw
Normal operation power Approx.2.5kw
Dimension size (L*W*H) 3500x1400x1650MM
Weight  Approx.1200kg

Assembly part list

NO Name Brand Quantity
1 PLC Siemens 1 SET
2 Computer Dell 1 SET
3 Guide rail   temperature resistant guide rail 1 SET
4 Chain claws Titanium alloy stamping parts 2.0mm thickening 1 SET
5 Solid State Relays Jiale 6 PCS
6 Power supply system Chint 1 SET
7 Power Circuit Breaker Chint 10 PCS
8 Contactor Chint 3PCS
9 Intermediate relay OMRON 10 PCS
10 Switching power supply MEANWELL 1 PCS
11 Flux pump SMC 1 PCS
12 Inverter Taiwan Delta 3 PCS
13 Proximity switch OMRON  2 PCS
14 Photoelectric sensor OMRON 1 PCS
15 Transmission motor OUTA 1 PCS
16 Wave motor, Tai Chuang 1 PCS
17 Preheating hot air motor Taiwan Sanyue 1 PCS
18 Nozzle Meiji, Japan 1 PCS
19 Preheating zone heating taizhan   3 SET
20 furnace heating plate taizhan  9 PCS
21 Tin furnace protection temperature control table OMRON 1 PCS

Equipment details

Solder pot tank 2019
Solder pot tank

S-WS350B operation-system
S-WS350B operation-system


Packing details