S-SC600 Shuttle conveyor

Merger production line 2 in 1


AI spare parts、Universal Parts,UIC,TDK.VCD Sequencer.SMT,THT,PCB,PCBA,AI,wave soldering,reflow oven,nozzle,feeder,wave soldering,PCB Assembly, LED, LED lamp, LED display


This unit is designed to shuttle PCB’s to next process. The conveyor can collect PCB’s from two lines to one line/ distribute PCB’s from one line to two lines.


Parallel transfer device,the synchronous belt + linear guide, at front the fastest speed 10s/PCS PCB
User friendly ‘soft touch’ LED membrane control panel
Enclosed design ensures high level of safety
Top cover can be opened for easy access to hardware during maintance
Different lengths available upon request
3-color light tower and audible alarm
RoHs and CE mark.
SMEMA compatible


merger production line 2 in 1
Frameworkthickening sheet metal with folding
Rail width:50~390mm Or as request
Transfer height:920±20 mm
Rail transmit power15 w constant speed motor
Translationby stepper motor power
Operation control panel :display control touch screen
controllerMitsubishi PLC programmable