S-D900 Auto moveable cutting Separator for LED Boards


It is suitable for all kinds of electronic industry, which mainly solves the bad situation of products produced by manual breaking off.


1. SMEMA compatible, able to communicate with other equipments , with network interface reserved

2. Air source 4 to 6 KGF/CM2

3. Equipped with necessary security device.

4. Normal yield is over 1500 pieces per hour.

5. Output is under data surveillance : boot time, yield, trouble shooting and automatic repulsion system.

6. Distance between up and down blade can be adjusted in accuracy 0.1MM.

7. PCB thickness range 0.2 to 5.0 MM.

8. Distance between each two blades is adjustable in 8 to 25MM.

9. PCB Material contains aluminum board, copper board, FR4 board, fibreglass board

10. Professional Multi Group Blades PCB V-cut Machine for LED Board


Machine Size 1100x730x630 mm
Max cutting length Unlimited
Cutting Speed 80, 120, 200, 400mm per second
Cutting thickness 0.2-5.0mm
Max Height of component 13mm
Working Voltage 230V/50H(110V/60Hz)
Machine Weight 158 kg


Customers FAQ About PCB Separator S-D900 :

  1. Q:Do you have any certification for this machine?
    A:YES,We have CE ISO FCC ROHS etc.
  2. Q:What is warranty of the machine?
    A:1 year.
  3. Q:How do you pack the machine?
    A:We fix the machine on the plywood base with screws to ensure safe transportation.
  4. Q:What is life time of machine blades?
    A:About 6-12 months.
  5. Q:What is material of blades?
    A:Japan high speed steel SKH-9
  6. Q:Can the blades be sharpened?
    A:Yes, they could be re-sharpened for 2-3 times.
  7. Q:How do you offer oversea service?
    A:We could send engineer to do installation and training for client if needs.
  8. Q:Can we see your machine in our country?
    A:Yes, we would like to offer contact details of our clients who are using our machines.