S-D510 PCB Manual V-cut Separator with Hand Push-Special for FR4 Board



It is suitable for all SMT with V-CUT. PC board (base plate).


1) The imported linear slide way, the upper round knife and the lower straight knife are used to segment the V-CUT base plate, so as to reduce the cracks of SMT solder joints;

2) The highest component on PCB near V-CUT is 10-20mm, with unlimited width;

3) Can be adjusted according to different thickness of PC board;

4) Especially suitable for the segmentation of thin PCB.

5) It does not need power, has environmental protection function, easy to operate.

6) Blade is made by professional factory of tai-wan, the material is the high speed steel from Japan.


Model S-D510
Machine Size(L*W*H) 820 x 390 x 360mm
Max cutting length Max 350mm
Cutting Speed 0 to 400mm/s
Cutting thickness 1.0 to 3.5mm
Operation Type Manual
Machine Weight 50kg

Tool Material: SKD61 imports of high-speed steel, the round knife: diameter 125mm, the next straight knife length: 350mm


Customers FAQ About PCB Separator SC-510:

  1. Q:Do you have any certification for this machine?
    A:YES,We have CE ISO FCC ROHS etc.

  2. Q:What is warranty of the machine?
    A:1 year.

  3. Q:How do you pack the machine?
    A:We fix the machine on the plywood base with screws to ensure safe transportation.

  4. Q:What is life time of machine blades?
    A:About 6-12 months.

  5. Q:What is material of blades?
    A:Japan high speed steel SKH-9

  6. Q:Can the blades be sharpened?
    A:Yes, they could be re-sharpened for 2-3 times.

  7. Q:How do you offer oversea service?
    A:We could send engineer to do installation and training for client if needs.

  8. Q:Can we see your machine in our country?
    A:Yes, we would like to offer contact details of our clients who are using our machines.