S -C45 Auto taped radial lead cutting machine user manual


Product parameters

  1. Product category: suitable for cutting capacitor, triode, LED and other electronic components
  2. Product name: S-C45 Atuo Taped radial lead cutting machine
  3. Power: 110v-220v AC 60Hz/50Hz
  4. Weight: 19 kg

5.Max PCB size: L390xW225xH200mm

Product overview

  1. Single-side band resistance, capacitor, crystal, electronic parts cutting machine (coil or box).
  2. Small size, accurate cutting size, simple operation, high production efficiency, suitable for short leg operation.

3.The handle is made of aluminum alloy, strong and durable.

  1. High precision of cutting feet and easy adjustment.
  2. The cutter is made of steel imported from Japan with long service life.
  3. High economy, the motor can be variable speed, no noise.

Installation instructions

1.Please carefully check the packing list and read this manual carefully.

  1. Take the machine. Place it on the leveling table and fix it.
  2. Plug in the power, pull on the switch, and turn the speed control knob to see if the rotating shaft is turning.
  3. Install the support rod. The hanging rod (as shown in the structure diagram)


Operation Instructions

1.Single-side capacitor pin shears are featured by simple operation, high efficiency and long tool life. In order to enable customers to operate the machine more quickly and apply it to production, our factory hereby explains as follows:

2.Loosen the screws on the cover

  1. retaining block with a wrench, and then remove the cover;

4.Cut a small piece of braiding capacitor, and then hang the eyelet of the braiding capacitor on the round pin of the material hanging round wheel;

  1. Loosen the plum knob on the feed clip, and then insert the braiding capacitance (braiding) into the track of the feed clip, so that each eyelet can be aligned with the round pin on the round wheel of the hanging material, but it cannot be shaken too much from side to side, and then tighten the plum knob;
  2. Loosen the meimei knob on the supporting material clip, and then move it to the other side of the supporting material clip near the capacitor, so that the whole braid cannot shake from side to side, but can slide back and forth, and then tighten the meimei knob;
  3. Unscrew (8) fixed on the shaft of adjusting screw round knife sprung, round to slide, then loosen (1)  knurling cutting on the fastening screw, the axial moving to the required to produce the knurling cutting knife feet long size, then round knife is fixed on the shaft of the adjusting screw spring appropriate thrust tight round knife close to the inside of the knurling cutting knife ends, then tighten the adjusting screw;


8.Put the cover on.



Matters needing attention

1.When the machine is rotating, do not touch the transmission parts with your hands, so as to avoid your hands and clothes being rolled in, so as to achieve “civilized production, safety first”;

  1. When the braiding joint is found to deviate from the round pin of the hanging round tooth, the machine should be stopped at any time for correction.

Equipment maintenance

  1. The surface of hanging round wheel, knurled cutting knife and round knife cannot be stained with oil, and the surface of other transmission parts or parts can be added with appropriate anti-rust oil to achieve anti-rust effect;
  2. Check whether the screws of each part of the machine are loose, and tighten them if they are loose;
  3. Clean up the residual waste on the machine after the daily commute. The machine is in good condition at all times.