Automated optical inspection S-AO600C AOI machine for PCB Assembly Inspection

1.A variety of calculation methods to ensure accurate detection results,high detection, low false positives.

  1. RGB three primary color light source enhanced detection effect
  2. Programming and debugging methods are simple, one-click frame, quick debugging
  3. Support the placement machine to import coordinate data.
  4. Industrial digital camera captures high-definition images at high speed.
  5. Million-level pixel HD lens.
  6. The servo motor and the grinding ball screw cooperate to form a precision conveying mechanism
  1. Ergonomic design
  2. Applicable to 0201 chip inspection capability
  3. Upgrade space with accurate 01005 chip check
  4. Support automatic connection with front and rear equipment on the production line (online type)
  1. Test results automatically send OK / NG signal to the closing machine (online type)
  1. Storage inspection results record for future reference
  2. Image library management image data of commonly used components
  3. Support jigsaw fast copy program and bad jigsaw skip detection
  4. Optional: repair station, offline programming

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Automated optical inspection machine (AOI) is a new type of testing technology. It has developed very rapidly in recent years. The structure of AOI consists of four parts: workbench, CCD camera system, electromechanical control and system software. When testing, firstly, the circuit board to be tested is placed on the workbench of the AOI machine, and the detection procedure of the product to be detected is called out through positioning. The X/Y workbench will send the circuit board under the lens according to the command of the setting program. With the help of the special light source, the lens will capture the image required by the AOI system and analyze it, then the processor will move the lens toward the lens. The next position is collected for the next image and then analyzed, and the image is subjected to continuous analysis and processing to obtain a higher detection speed. The process of AOI image processing essentially digitizes the extracted image, and then compares it with the pre-stored “standard”. After analysis and judgment, it finds the defect to make a position prompt, and at the same time generates image text, and the operator further confirms or sends the repair station. Overhaul.

Why Use AOI ?

AOI plays a full role in the miniaturization, high-density, rapid assembly, and diversified development of SMT. The amount of information detected is large and complex, both in terms of real-time detection and feedback, and in the analysis and diagnosis of correctness. The era of manual visual inspection is gone forever. The intelligent development of AOI technology is bound to become an inevitable development trend.

Automated optical inspection S-AO600C AOI machine for PCB Assembly Inspection.


Detection application Applicable process Solder paste before and after SMT reflow, before and after DIP wave soldering
Programming mode Manuor ,auto written, CAD data import automatic corresponding component library
Detection type Solder paste printing: presence, offset, less tin, more tin, open circuit, even tin, pollution, scratches, etc.
Defects in parts: missing parts, multiple pieces, offsets, skews, tombstones, sideways, flips, wrong parts, breakage, reverse, etc.
Solder joint defects: more tin, solder, tin, solder balls, glue, pins not exposed, copper foil contamination.
Calculation method Color calculation, color extraction, grayscale calculation, image contrast, etc.
Detection mode Optimized inspection technology covering the entire board, jigsaw and multi-mark, including Bad mark function
SPC Statistical function Record test data and perform statistics and analysis throughout, and view production status and quality analysis in any area
Component angle Support 0~359° rotation, minimum 1° angular distance
Mini Component 15um/Pixel:01005 chip、0.3 pitch IC
Optical configuration Camera Full color high speed industrial digital camera
Lens resolution 10um/15um/18um/20um/25um
Light source Ring stereo multi-channel color light, depending on application selection RGB/RGBW/RGBR/RWBR
Computer CPU Intel core
HDD 500GB+
OS Win XP 32bit
Monitor 22 inches(Top door),16:10 22 inches,16:10
Machine system Transmission and detection methods Auto,L-R/R-L,                                                                       Stepper motor to transport PCB and widen track,                                                   XY servo motor drive camera take picture Manual,                                                                      Y servo motor move PCB,                                                      X servo motor drive camera take picture
PCB Size 50*50mm(Min)~400*360mm(Max) 20*20mm(Min)~460*350mm(Max)
PCB Thickness 0.3~5.0mm
PCB Weight Max:3KG
PCB Margin 3mm,(can custom made)
PCB Curvature <5mm or 3% of PCB diagonal length
PCB Component H Top:35mm,Bottom:75mm。Adjustable
XY Drive System AC servo motor, precision ground ball screw
XY Moving speed Max:830mm/s
XY positioning accuracy ≦8um
Parameter Dimension L980 * W960 * H1600 mm L900 * W1100 * H1400 mm
Power AC220V/110V,50/60Hz,1.5KW AC220V,50/60Hz,1.2KW
PCB Conveyor Height 900±20mm 820±20mm
Weight 600KG 360KG
Communication Plug Smema
Air Supply 0.5MPa,(Optional power distribution control) No use
Certification Meet CE safety standards
Ambient temperature and humidity 10~35℃,35~80% RH(No condensation)

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