S-800s Eight Heads Auto Pick&Place Machine


The Whole Line Proposal



Product Features


  • Vision On the Fly Alignment
  • Bottom Vision Alignment System for big components/IC
  • Fiducial recognition and coordinate correction
  • Three-section conveyor system with SMEMA interface and automatic width-control
  • Magnetic levitation linear motor in X and Y axis for high repeatability and stability
  • Smart Nozzle System provides automatic nozzle checking and replacing
  • Perfect for medium & high volume production
  • Strong and rigid mechanical design
  • Optimized pick / place routing design, ensures precision and speed
  • Each mounting head has its own Z – direction step-servo motor, which is designed for vertical motion
  • Works with different types of high-precision nozzle
  • For different PCB , FPC, MCPCB, PSB, etc.
  • Suit for variety of SMD components: resistors, capacitors, IC, QFP, CFP, etc.




Machine Details



Actual Throughput




Return of Investment



Our Advantages

1. Professional automated electronic manufacturing equipment for more than 20 years.

2. Own brand, own patents, customized design and solutions, provide after-sales service such as installation training worldwide.

3. Quick respond, 1 day parts delivery, 1 month machine lead-time.

4. Competetive price, the same performance price is lower than half of foreign brands.





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