S-7000T Terminal insertion machine


Labor costs are getting higher and higher;
• General labor force continued to decline;
• Lack of skilled workers, training costs have been rising;
• Quality is not stable and consistent;
• The problems of capacity and reliability;
• Take up a lot of production space …etc.
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As the growth of the world economy,the tighter labor markets and product control requires electronic parts processing quality and production speed higher and higher。In order to achieve the electronic assembly automation,According to the needs of odd-form inserter,to insert the packaged or bulk pack component in the hole of PCB accurately need to use machine to replace manual production.But at present most of the odd-form insertion useing manual operation,low efficiency、low quality , difficult process,high defective rate&scrappage rate,high manufacturing cost;The imported equipment needs high input cost,returns are very long term,high spare parts and maintenance costs。we hope we can help your esteemed company winning more interests at the lowest cost with maximum efficiency.

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Is your factory still in use of PCBA Manual Insertion?