S-6200 Nozzle cleaning machine


S-6200 using the hydrodynamic water fragmentation, producing very fine water mistwith the speed of sound (V = 360m/s) to form a strong momentum jet to the nozzle, nozzle for cleaning at the top of the formation of a continuous fieldcrushing the internal surface of the dirt (the nozzle will not be damaged because of its independent device)during the cleaning process the used cleaning water (deionized water or distilled water) automatic direct emissions.

Why Use S-6200 Nozzle cleaning machine?

The needs of the development of the electronics manufacturing industry:

1. Miniaturization of components:

The rapid development of the electronics industry makes components more and more miniaturized. 0402, 0201 components are more and more common and used in large quantities, and smaller components will soon appear. The miniaturization of components will inevitably require the corresponding mounter nozzles to be miniaturized, which brings difficulties to the cleaning of the nozzles. If the large nozzles can also be washed with alcohol and thin needle holes. , And now the small suction nozzle has only a few micrometers of aperture. When the blockage occurs, it has to be scrapped.

2. Smaller spacing:

Today’s electronic equipment requires a smaller size and more powerful functions. Therefore, the components on the circuit board are getting denser and the spacing is getting smaller and smaller. If you say that the slight difference in the past patching will not affect too much But now it may be on the neighbor’s territory, causing the product defect rate to increase.

3. The effect of lead-free:

due to the good activity of lead, if there is a slight deviation in the patch, it can be corrected after reflow soldering, but after the lead-free, the activity of copper is greatly weakened. If the patch has a deviation, then There is no chance for correction. 4. To sum up, the requirements for placement accuracy are getting higher and higher, and the slightest difference may be a thousand miles away. The design accuracy of the placement machine is already quite high, but due to various factors, its performance is greatly reduced, and the uncleanness of the suction nozzle is also an important factor.

Economic benefits:

1. Reduce the purchase cost of the nozzle

A scrap of the suction nozzle is often caused by excessive dirt or related accidents. The problem can be solved fundamentally after using this machine. The original nozzle is expensive, and the economic benefits are considered in the long run.

2. Reduce unnecessary labor

The traditional cleaning method requires a lot of manual processing. After using S-6200, no special person is required from now on, and it is all done by the machine.

3. Reduce the product defect rate.

The unclean suction of the suction nozzle is easy to cause the sliding of the components and the occurrence of the throwing phenomenon, resulting in an increase in the product defect rate.

4. Improve SMT production efficiency

Correct cleaning keeps the suction nozzle in a brand new state for work, avoids recognition errors, and greatly improves productivity.



  1. Thoroughly clean the dirt on nozzles which ultrasonic cleaner can not clean.
  2. Strong clean power for nozzles, even the smallest nozzle hole.

  3. Very good cleaning effectiveness, extend the lifespan of the nozzles.

  4. No damage to the coating layer of the nozzle and its reflector panel.

  5. Only use DI water or distilled water.

  6. Auto-clean and dry.

  7. Easy operation.

  8. Right for all kind of mounter nozzles.



Air supply 0.5~0.7Mpa
Power supply AC220V,1A
Clean liquid Purified water or DI water 
Clean time 3~6min
Dry time 1~3min
Spray pressure 0.55Mpa
Clean liquid consumption 150cc/Hour
Nozzle range Min01005~Max hole diameter2.0mm
Jig spec 24holes
Machine size L665*W555*H475(mm)
Machine weight 30KG


Cleaning result compare with Ultrasonic cleaner:



cleaning result A:


cleaning result B:

Video Description

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