S-350C PCB Board Buffer Conveyor



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1.PCB Conveyor rail length: 0.5m;1.0m;1.5m 2.Rail Fix mode: Front Fix (Option: Rear fix) 3.PCB Conveyor direction: L→R (Or R→L) 4.Control System: Relay Board (2 sensor without stopper) 5.PCB Conveyor Height: 900±20 mm 6.PCB Conveyor Width: 50-250/300/400/500mm 7.PCB Conveyor Speed: 0-2M/min 8.Available to communications with other devices by SMEMA signal plug 9.Exact thread shaft structure to ensure the adjustment of rail Width parallel 10.Used durable Anti-static belt with strengthen Aluminum Alloy rail to be reliable 11.Power Consumption: Approx. 40W 12.Power Supply: Single Phase 220V,50HZ 13.Weight:Approx. 70kg


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