S-1200-SV pick & place machine for electronic manufacturing SMT


We offers highly reliable electronics assembly equipment for the surface mount technology (SMT), pin through hole (PTH), and microelectronics back-end packaging processes of any-mix circuit manufacturing.


S-1200-SV   Pick&Place machine

Dimension :2000 L×1150 W×1400 H mm
PCB length : Max. 1200 mm
PCB width :Max.325mm
Accuracy : 0.1mm
Movement accuracy : 0.02mm
Speed : 35000 CPH
Power supply: AC220V , 50HZ
Power consumption : 2.0KW
Air pressure:0.55MPA
Positing:Visual identification mark
Weight :Approx.1250KG

Product Characteristics:

·1) Application of the visual recognition technology: four-head and six-head multifunctional visual mounter, using our innovative visual recognition software, to realize optical image capture placing alignment, andto realize faster speed and higher accuracy.

·2) Vacuum detection, automatically dispose and make up if picking fail or pick misaligned.

·3) Four/six pick and place head design helps increase output, 360-degree orientation.

·4) Works with different types of high-precision nozzles: you can replace nozzles manually according to the components size, which is more convenient and effective to shorten the replacement period.

·5) Humanization design, customized feeders.

·6) LCD monitor, window XP, keyboard and mouseinput, easy operation (Chinese/English).

·7) The closed looping design: effectively prevent the influence of the machine axis motion accuracy from mechanical transmission error and nonlinear factors, guarantee the mounting precision during the mounting process.

·8) PCB track be adjusted automatically, suitable for mounting the monolayer, multilayer and soft PCB board.

·9) Can mount resistors, capacitors, QFN, QFP, such as 0603, 0805, 1206, 1812, 2010, 2512, LED (3528, 5050, etc.), SOT-23, SOT-89, SOT-223, SOT-252, SOP-8, SOP-14, SOP-16 and IC components (IC size under16*12mm, fine-pitch above 0.5mm, the height of component less than12mm) with required precision.

·10) Specially designed to mount 1200mm large PCB.

·11) Easy programming, only takes 2 mins: Automatic visual positioning programming.

·12)The surface of this machine is made of stainless steel material and Japanese imported high-grade powder spraying process,which can make the machine anticorrosive,anti-decoloring and durable.

Summary of the structure — machine device,power system,visual system,electrical control system,software control system,movement control system,LCD display device.

·13) Standardization of packaging ensures safe transport.

·14)Warranty: The complete machine has a warranty period of 1 year from the time of purchase and lifelong service support as well as a long-term factory price supply. We provide online Q/A and troubleshooting support and technical advice service.


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