How to produce SMT high quality products? (for aviation, aerospace, medical products)

SCM5600D off-line automatic PCBA cleaning machine is an energy-saving environmental protection, batch cleaning, integrated high-end cleaning machine. It can automatically complete cleaning, rinsing, drying process by just push the start key.

Mainly used for aviation, aerospace, medical, new energy, automotive electronics and other products . This machine can effectively clean residual rosin flux, water-soluble flux , No-clean flux / solder paste ball and other organic and inorganic pollution materials on SMT / THT PCBA.

Product Description





  1. the whole process visible : the cleaning process can be visible through the front window and LED light.
  2. automatic cleaning mode: clean, rinse, dry process can complete in one cabinet and compact machine.
  3. the most scientific nozzle design: the use of left and right incremental distribution — to enhance cleaning efficiency,

The upper and lower dislocation distribution – completely solve the cleaning blind area;

  1. the nozzle pressure adjustable design: to solve the small and light PCBA in the high pressure spray under the conditions of the collision, splash problem;
  2. the standard dilution tank heating system: greatly improve the cleaning efficiency. Shorten the cleaning time;
  3. a comprehensive cleaning system: for SMT; THT PCBA after welding the surface of the residual rosin, water-soluble flux, no-clean flux / solder paste and other organic and inorganic pollutants for thorough and effective cleaning;
  4. convenient cleaning dilution to add: can be manually added, but also by setting the ratio (5% to 25%) automatically with DI water and chemical solution(option);
  5. dedicated spray tank and auxiliary heating system: spray tank is used to store dilution and DI water. During cleaning process, the air pump absorb dilution form dilution tan and then wash pump absorb dilution from spay tank to clean PCBA. After cleaning process, the air pump absorb dilution from spray tank back to dilution tank. During rinsing process, the spray tank is stored in DI water from DI water produce machine , each time after rinsing ,DI water will be pipe out form spray tank. The rinse water can be heated as needed;
  6. lower operating costs: built-in filter makes the dilution repeated used. By using compressed air blow method at the end of cleaning process : blow the residual detergent off from pipeline and the pump , which effectively save 50% dilution.
  7. the concentration compensation function: the concentration of dilution will be getting lower and lower after repeated use which will affect the cleaning effect and cleaning and efficiency of PCBA, at this time , need to add concentrated detergent to dilution tank to compensate the dilution concentration. concentration compensation can improve the effective use of liquid, the concentration detergent adding amount can be adjustable according to the real situation.
  8. Itemparameters
    Cleaning basket size :610mm(L)*560mm(W)*110mm(H)x 2 layers
    Cleaning Concentration tank capacity: 32L
    Dilution tank capacity: 60L
    Spray tank capacity: 18L
    Spray tank heater powe: 6KW
    Cleaning time: 0~99min(adjustable)
    Cleaning temperature (liquid): Room temp -75 degrees / (adjustable)
    Rinse time: 1-99 times / 1min each time
    Rinse temperature (DI water): Room temp -75 degrees / (adjustable)
    Drying time: 0 to 99 minutes / (adjustable)
    Resistivity meter monitoring range: 0~18MΩ
    Solvent tank heater power: 9KW
    Drying Temperature:Room Temp--99℃ /(Adjustable)
    Drying Heater/KW:6KW
    Spray Pressure:30PSI - 90PSI/(Adjustable)
    Chemical liquid level filter :0.22μm (filter microparticles: solder paste, rosin, flux and contaminants)
    DI water Filter:0.22μm (filter microparticles: solder paste, rosin, flux and contaminants)
    water inlet :1 inch fast junction interface
    Water outlet:1 inch fast junction interface
    Chemical Inlet :1 inch fast junction interface
    Real - time pressure gauge :3PCS (nozzle / DI water / waste liquid)
    pump :5.5KW
    Outlet size :Φ100W)×30mm(H)
    Power source:AC380V 50HZ 65A/0.45MPa~0.7MPa
    Machine Dimension:1400mm(L)×1350mm(W)× 1830mm(H)
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