PCB invertor / PCB flipper for double-sided PCB


Description Basic SMT link/inspection Conveyor
Rail Length(mm) 500 mm 1000 mm
Dimension (mm) 500*1046*900 1000*1046*900
PCB Size 50*50~330~250 mm
PCB Direction L to R or R to L
Speed 0.5~20M/min  or Adjustable
Communication SMEMA campatible
Power Supply
1 PH AC 220V OR 110V
Weight 80 Kg 95 Kg


We design and manufacture Auto Insertion and SMT Machines for Electronic PCB Assembly.

Specialize in Auto Insertion machine and SMT equipments, providing spare parts, sub-assembly, retrofit kit, repair kit, upgrading, training,overhaul service.

Dual track conveyor


Modular design
‘weighted design’ improves stability
Ergonomically designed arm rest
Smooth and parallel width adjustment
Width adjustment for individual track can be independently controlled (optional)
Inspection Mode (optional)
Two independently controlled belt segment
Multi-zone concept available upon request
Different lengths available upon request
SMEMA compatible



Item Model Length(mm) Max PCB Width(mm) Remark
1 S-C250DL 500 250 no Lighting
2 S-C250DL-L 500 250 with Lighting
3 S-D250DL 1000 250 no Lighting
4 S-D250DL-L 1000 250 with Lighting
5 S-C350DL 500 350 no Lighting
6 S-C350DL-L 500 350 with Lighting
7 S-D350DL 1000 350 no Lighting
8 S-D350DL-L 1000 350 with Lighting



Dual track conveyors
Dual track PCB conveyor (1)


Adjustment video of dual track conveyor

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