PCB Cleaning machine

Product Description



☆Modular drawer type design,brush cleaning or roller brush cleaning are synchronous switched mode at any time according to the needs of different work,flexibility.
☆PLC control system,HMI control panel,easier operation.
☆Use high speed spiral brush can improve cleanliness and save the consumption of sticky dust paper.
☆Use high quality cleaning roller to provide the best cleaning effect and service life.
☆Patent coupling transmission structure,is more conducive to the operation of the machine and the longer component service life.
☆Roller group and support group drawer type design for easy operation and maintenance.
☆Can be used flat-bottomed support to flat contact PCB,more conducive to the cleaning effect.
☆Three color warning device to provide different warning information.

Technical parameter:

Description PCB cleaning machine is brush roller single type cleaning machine.It is used between loader and printing machine,suitable for AI and SMT cleaning needs,can achieve the requirements of very high standard cleaning needs.
PCB thickness 0.4~5mm
Power source 1Ph 300W  220VAC 50/60Hz
Air supply Air inlet pipe zize 8mm
Cleaning sticky roller Upper*2
Sticky dust paper Upper*1 roll
Single side cleaning support One set of supporting frame
Brush Anti static、high density brush
Dust collection group Volume collect box
Speed 0~9m/min(Adjustable)
Antistatic device A set of inlet device and a set of outlet device.

Specification parameter:

Dimension(L*W*H) 840*560*1400
Track length 500mm Power source 1∮220V
Track adjustable width 50-250mm Effective cleaning width 50~250mm
Track height 900±25mm(or customized) Track fixed side Front side fixed(or back side fixed)
Effective PCB size L400*W(50-250) Transport direction L→R or R→L





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