Intelligent Crawler Type Walkelator Shoe Bottom Cleaner/Shoe Cleaning Machine for Dusk-free Workshop

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The shoe sole cleaning machine equipped with large capacity water tank.

Open the mesh plate, then clean the particles and sundries.




Products Description:

  • The shoe sole cleaning machine is placed in the dust-free workshop purification studio entrance or purification work area air shower room.
  •  It is definitely a good choice for your staff, especially in the period of coronavirus.
  • The supporting body of the shoe sole cleaning machine is made of 304 stainless steel plates of high quality.
  • The cleaning machine can be customized based on your target size.



  • You can spray the disinfectant on it to prevent your workers from Covid-19.
  • Efficient! One worker within 3 seconds!
  • With the function of water shortage alarm
  • Good cleaning effect!


TIPS: Daily cleaning and maintenance

  • For outdoor shoes, please clean the garbage and sediment in the sewage tank and water pump tank once a day.
  • It is better to suck the sediment out through the vacuum cleaner.
  • For shoes changing, you can clean them thoroughly every other day.
  • The belt brush can be cleaned by interval, and it can be washed by hand-held water pouring into the brush 3 months, please add lubricating oil to the chain gear
  • Clean the equipment surface irregularly
  • Clean and update the absorbent pad according to its own use


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