S-G-300 laser marking machine for PCB
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CO2/Green light/UV /PCB Laser marking machine S-300

CO2/Green light/UV /PCB Laser marking machine S-300

Product Description

CO2/Green light/UV /PCB Laser marking machine S-300
1.Automatic analysis of bar code quality
2.Engraving depth control system
3.Non-contact temperature closed loop control system
4.Super light spot after laser focusing technology
5.Engraving quality intelligent detection system
6.Bar code level analysis system
7.Machine with function of sever
8.Software customization
9.The Link SFIS management workshop site easily
10.Put the barcode NG technology carving
11.NG barcode for momentVisual programming diagram function
12.Built-in Z axis adjusting mechanism
13.Can choose pulse widthFiber optical  laser

Customer’s Applicance

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CO2/Green light/UV /PCB Laser marking machine S-300

Ø Servo drive X, Y movement platform, industrial PC control, flexible modularized program design.

ØStandard configuration green laser (laser types other options), minimum carving surface of 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm, as many as 20 DM code characters.

Ø CCD vision technology, precision positioning, read characters, qr code identification.

Ø Switch between three color light source: 3 colors, easy to master the production status in time.

Ø Guide rail height to 900 + 30 mm, direct connection with other SMT assembly line.The custom to choose.

ØStandard the SMEMA interface connected to the LAN, can free with upstream and downstream equipment and to communicate with the server.

Ø matching dust filtering device, effectively remove the dirt and dust emissions, ensure clean indoor environment.

Ø Active mistake proofing function, the software automatically detect and prevent errors, omissions.

Ø In the process of carving, cannot artificially opened the door, in order to prevent bad product.


CO2/Green light/UV /PCB Laser marking machine S-300


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