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Perfect Solution for EMS PCB assembly

Automatic Insertion Solutions for Axial Components & Jumper Wire—S4000 Axial Auto Insertion Machine

Machine Overview:

Up to 22,000 cph
Off-line/In-line operation availability
Using imported precision ball-screw & AC Servo system, positioning accuracy <0.001mm
Vision system for positioning and insertion alignment
Insertion angle in 0º, 90º, 180º, 270º
Integral forming cast iron machine frame
Component lead span from 5-22mm
Can handle the axial components and jumper Simultaneously
Capable of jumper insertion independently
Second level component centering mechanism(Option)
USB port for data transfer & Excel format compatible


Significant feature:

Make EMS PCB assembly easier,especially Axial Components+Jumper Wire at the same time.

•Can be automatically inserted into the different kinds of braid PCB components, all kinds of electronic components and jumper wire, etc., with poor detection and plugin a leakage detection
•Can direct the orchestration of the tubular again jump line without directly inserted into the PCB, can save a third of the jump line
•Both can separate jumpers, and can separate horizontal electronic components, can also jump line and the horizontal components mixed interpolation.
•A machine, only need one operator, to complete the production capacity of forty people manual plug-in.
•Effective protection system program, to avoid plug-in USB data transmission errors and damage to the PCB