S-500G Automatic Dip Soldering machine






Model :S-500G

PCB Size:350X300MM

Tin capacity :80 KG

Speed is adjustable Solder Dwell heigh:0-70mm

Solder Dwell Time:1-10 sec

Temperature control using PID control Temperature range: 0-450 ℃

Preheat time: 0-120 s

Automatic removal cycle: 11 s


Dip soldering cycle: 16 s

Tin furnace, furnace adopts 316 stainless steel titanium (selected), ground temperature by K type thermocouple

Tin stove height:50-60mm

Solder Pot Size: 400 * 340 * 80 mm

Overall Dimensions: 700 * 750 * 620 mm

Weight: 75 kg

Power Requirements:220V, 50/60 Hz,3.6KW

Consumed power: 1-2KW/H


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