AVI S-D330 Online Full Automatic Wave solder Appearance Checking machine


Technology characteristics :

1, A whole board second shot, computer synchronous rapid processing test results;

2, 14 million pixels industrial intelligent digital camera, security image acquisition and effects;

3, Flexible combine lines, can be in the feeder line or belt to realize online inspection;

4, check the range: 330 * 250 mm, it can customize according to demand greater size.


Checking object:PCBA appearance check before and after wave solder

Checking method:Characteristic extraction、draw color、OCV、graph comparision and a variety of advanced algorithms

Checking cover type: Insertion quality:fault component,leakage,fault location,polarity reverse,etc

SMT quality:Leakage, chip fault,polarity reverse,excursion,etc. Max checking range:330*250mm(can be customed)

Checking speed(line speed):1.2m/min

Programming mode:Manual programming、automatic match

Photo mode:On line second shot

Light source:High light LED white light

Camera:Full color high speed intelligently identity one dimension code,two dimension code

SPC:Record test data and statistical analyse on the full process, and according to the requirements to export the report of Excel,TXT format etc.

Power supply:AC230V、50/60Hz


Weight: About 120KG Environment temperature and humidity :10~35℃、35~80%RH non condensing

Details show:

1.Visual interface, simple and convenient operation



2.Accurately check the insertion components direction ,fault and leakage ,etc


AVI  2

3.Accuratey check the SMD components direction,fault ,leakage,etc


AVI  3



4.AVI online checking before wave solder

AVI  4


5.Intuitive adverse discrimination interface

AVI  5


6.Strong SPC function, can export different checking report



7.Bridge joint line conveyor realize On-line usage

AVI  7


8.Bridge joint line belt conveyor realize On-line usage

AVI  8




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