41132400 ~ 41132407 A UIC Axial Insertion Machine 6241D Switching Servo Amp Assy repair

$1,500.00 $1,000.00


41132400/41132407 A

Switching Servo Amp Assy,machine type:6241 VCD,6241D servo amp

Describtion: On machine of 6241B/6241C/6241D , 41132400/41132401/41132402/41132403/41132404/41132405/41132406/ 41132407 A can replace the old kind part of 41132400,and play a better role.

In installation ,41132407 A is more easier tha n 41132400.

In the performance , 41132407 A is more stable .


IMG_20160307_173317 IMG_20160307_173326 IMG_20160307_173320 IMG_20160307_173423 IMG_20160307_173316 IMG_20160307_173436

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