SRC-350C Reject conveyor 0.5M reject conveyor (350mm max PCB width)


Reject conveyor 1M reject conveyor (350mm max PCB width)


  • This unit is used for faulty boards which can be lifted up for a visual inspection without interrupting the PCBs flow.
  • Modular design, touchscreen control.
  • Includes 3 modes: ‘reject’, ‘inspect’ and ‘pass-through‘ .
  • Stability enhanced by ‘robust design’
  • Ergonomically designed armrest
  • Smooth and parallel width adjustment
  • Different lengths available upon request
  • Variable speed control
  • SMEMA compatible

Technical parameters

  • PCB size: 50*50-445*350mm
  • Transport height:900mm ±20mm or specify
  • Transfer direction:L to R or specify R to L
  • Belt type: ESD belt (round belt)
  • Speed:0.5-20m/min adjustable
  • Power supply: AC 110 Volts Or 220 Volts; Single Phase
  • Power consumption:100VA max. or specify
  • Buffering capacity: 5 PCB or specify.


Product Length(L)mm Product Width(W)mm Product Height(H)mm Product Weight(KG)
1000 665 900 50


Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 50 × 66.5 × 90 cm