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Preliminary Forward Stroke Adjustment

2023-02-09 17:51:22

Adjustment of the forward stroke will ensure that the sequencer chain clip
can secure the component from the feeder without being damaged.
This adjustment should be performed on a workbench with an outside air
supply of 80 psi available.
To adjust the forward stroke, use the following procedure.

1.Power down the machine and perform Lockout/Tagout according to
local procedures.


2.Remove the feeder from the machine and place on a suitable work surface.


3.Apply air pressure to the feeder and measure the distance between the front of the machined housing and the front of the dispenser driver.


4.If the dimension is .656 inch (16,66 mm) as shown in the illustration, no adjustment is required. If not, continue with step 5.


5.Retract the driver. Loosen the hex jam nut on the shaft of the pneumatic cylinder and thread the shaft into or out of the driver block as necessary.


6.Check the dimension and repeat step 4 until the proper dimension is achieved.

7.Tighten the hex jam nut.

End of procedure

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