Stencil Cleaning without VOCs | Every SMT Factory Should Have One of These

Pneumatic Cleaning Systems

Stencil Cleaning without VOCs

Stencil Cleaning without VOCs |

There are three main pollution sources to consider when dealing with Stencil Cleaning Equipment for your PCBA. They include gaseous emissions, wastewater, and solid emissions. Depending on the regulations of the location you conduct manufacturing, the quantity of the emissions, and any fines or penalties associated with these emissions, we recommend learning about environmental pitfalls and avoiding them all together.

We want to bring cleaner solutions to the PCBA process. In the spirit of education we want to share the environmental pitfalls you can avoid by choosing a Pneumatic Stencil Cleaner:

Air Pollution:
Ozone Depleting Substances
Climate Change Contributing Substances

Solid Waste:

Heavy metal cations (notably lead,
tin and copper)
All leachable toxic materials up to 100 years in authorized discharge conditions
Used solvent
Waste Water Pollution:

Heavy metal cations (notably lead, tin and copper)
Anions (notably phosphates, nitrites and sulfates)
Complexing/chelating agents (notably EDTA salts and
ammonium/amine compounds
PH (acid or base condition)
Other (temperature, solid matter, suspended matter,
Toxicity to aqueous life before and after biodegradation surface tension modifiers, etc.)
Stencil Cleaning without VOCs |
Stencil Cleaning without VOCs |

Pneumatic Stencil Cleaner: Filter Changing

CLEAN! Zero pollution SMT stencil cleaning machine
EASY! 2 grade filter for SMT stencil cleaning machine cleaning fluid circulation use
FAST! 3 minutes cleaning process for quick improvement of printing quality

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