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Universal Inserter Loader And Unloader Automation Transformation

Universal Inserter Loader And Unloader Automation Transformation

*Reduce the operator labor intensity 

*Reduce the equipment efficiency loss caused by operator sabotage 

*Save operators, one person can operate several machines. 

*Can the attachment (In – line) SMT production line. 

*A more secure protection operation. 

*Automatic production mode. 


Manual loader and unloader                    Automatic loader and unloader(material box model)

The content of the technical 

Technical renovation project mainly includes four modules setup and training: 

1.Bridge type automatic institution adapted for changing plate 
2.Container loader and material box unloader 
3.Electric control circuit 
4.Software Settings. 

*Training operation for operator 
*Maintenance engineer training 

The implementation steps 

Technical renovation engineering installation and debugging need about 1.5 days 
Operation training and maintenance training need 0.5 days 

Component installation project include: 
1.Installation of bridge type automatic agency for changing board


                   Lift bridge components 

2.Rotary worktable PCB fixture from stationary orbit type 


                   Fixed clamp                                                                                 Rail clamp 

The implementation steps 
3.Installation  material  box  loader and unloader machine


4.Electric control circuit 


5.Software Settings. 

Customers give evaluation is: stable and reliable, simple and easy to use and cost-effective 


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