PCB Stencil Cleaning Comparison Chart

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The Ultimate Stencil Cleaning System Comparison Chart

We hold ourselves and our machinery to a higher standard. Emerging green technologies (EGTs) create changes with product design and automation which increase efficiencies for many categories including costs, materials, time, and the environment. Current technologies have updated to recycle and reclaim methods that used to simply be considered waste water. This is no longer the only option, nor the best option.

In every capacity, your factory should aim at moving toward green practices that return on your investment for the long-term. When resources are limited, growth is limited; think about the future of your business when considering how you can implement best practices and technologies for your factory’s future.

There are a number of different stencil cleaning systems, but choosing the best solution for your assembly will greatly affect your factory’s overall productivity.

Our S-1688 Fully Pneumatic Stencil Cleaner is a full solution for your stencil cleaning process. Major manufacturing companies are impressed and filling their factory’s with our machine. To help you select the perfect cleaning process, here is a checklist to compare the different cleaning methods and processes. See why this is a must for every factory.