What is the ODM Product Solutions Process?

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We provide the one-stop for ODM, OEM, PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly services which can help you effectively shorten the sourcing time and accelerate production to get more market share. From the design, procurement of materials, testing and mass production to the packaging and shipping, we can make your docking seamless. We supply high-end production equipment, advanced management methods, experienced engineers, and skilled workers to ensure the highest quality, efficiency, and specifications. We are on track to becoming the world’s leading supplier of electronic manufacturing services (EMS) in end-to-end solutions and products for customers in the area of consumer electronics, automation, medical, automotive, security, telecommunications, networking and intelligent devices, and more.

ODM Product Solution Process:

1. Feasibility analysis for technical, underlying application, and the mold.

2. Schedule test and production plans.

3. Submit program proposal including the overall progress of the project, the specific implementation of program, cycle, and cost estimates and other aspects of information.

4. Schedule the hardware development: circuit diagram design, PCB circuit and shape design, sample processing, and other links.

5. Schedule the software development: the design of customer UI, driver bugging, application development and debugging.

6. Schedule the mold development: through CAD, 3D works build product outline, make sample and perform debugging.

7. Test the Sample Stage: the results of the integration of technical samples, functional stability testing.

8. Small batch stage: implement the customer acceptance test (UAT), through the actual use of the function, the application of feedback to return and make alterations toward improvement.

9. Mass Production.

10. File all of the project technical documentation.

ODM Product Solutions Process
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