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Low Budget S-EF 30000 Semi Automatic SMT Pick & Place Machine for LED lighting

2023-02-09 17:51:23

"Low Budget S-EF 30000 Semi Automatic SMT Pick & Place Machine"

Southern Machinery supply SMT/AI competitively priced machines world wide & proud to release S-EF 30000 Semi Automatic SMT pick and Place Machine, to the Global Market. Designed and manufactured in ShenZhen China by Southern Machinery. S-EF 30000 is one of the most economical and cost effective Surface Mount assembly solution available in the market today. It is ideally suited for Led Lighting SMT assembly.
Southern Machinery has proven upper – class , with over hundreds of machines in operation around the world. We look forward to discussing your requirements.

Features :
High-accuracy: Each of the eight pick up heads is equipped with a vision alignment camera to guarantee high accuracy. Using high resolution digital camera for fiducially recognition and programming.
High-speed: Maximum placement speed reaching 0.1s/chip.
Places SMD components from 0603 to 7474, including resistors, capacitors, standard and irregularly sha ped LEDs.
Suitable for all LED lighting products, including flexible PCB strips, circular LED light bulb boards and even irregularly shaped boards. Assembles LED PCBs up to 1.2 meters long in a single pass.
Using motor-driven feeders for longer feeder life and higher speed under around-the-
clock production conditions.
Excellent quality hardware support by using international famous brands ensure placement repeatability and precision.
Self-developed software simplifies production, easy operating and programming.
Specification and Machine Parameters :
Fixed Vision Alignment System
Number of Spindles
8 Spindles x 1 Gantry
Placement Speed (Practical)
Vision Alignment
LED 2835 27,000 CPH (Optimum)
LED 2835 29,500 CPH (Optimum)
Placement Accuracy
(Based on the standard chips)
Component Range
Vision Alignment
0603(inch)~7474(mm), IC<15mm
Max Height
Board Dimension(mm)
1,200(L) x 310(W)
PCB Thickness
0.5 – 3.0
Tape Feeder
Feeder Type
Motorized Feeder
Feeder Capacity
16 (12mm)
8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm
AC 220V ±10%
(50Hz, Single phase)
Max 2.2KW
Air Consumption
0.55-0.7MPa (5.6-7.1kgf/cm2)
Approx. 950kg
External Dimension(mm)
2,000(L) x 1,150(D) x 1,350(H)

Advantages of Motorized Feeder :
Higher feeding stability, effectively prevent pick-up failure.
Longer feeder life, hard to break down.
Motor-driven, save air source.
Higher feeding accuracy and consistency.
Higher feeding speed.
Intelligent adjustment of the feeding pitch.
Excellent Quality Hardware Support :
Ball Screws
KU RODA (Japan)
Servo Motors & Drivers
Stepper Motors & Drivers
SHI NANO (Japan)
Vacuum System
From Taiwan
Negotiate Pressure Detecting System
KITA (Taiwan)
IGUS (Germany)

Working Efficiency:
Real Speed: 25,000-30,000 CPH
PCB Length: 1220mm / 4Ft

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