Southern Machinery-AI and SMT machine/Accessaries/ELCINA member

Dedicated to provide customers with one-stop service, research and development, production, testing, sales, after-sales service, provide the whole line  sales and service .
According to the needs of customers, with our professional technology to provide customized service.
1.PCB AI/SMT Equipment Manufacture.Offering comprehensive solution in AI/SMT Technology
2.For different components process insert /Pick& Place , like Radial and Axial components ; odd form components (Rivet,Pin,Switch,Connector,Terminal and so on
);SMD LED components (0402-7474 SMD components, 15mm IC, and different capacitance,resistance,IC,QFP,SOP,SOT,CSP and so on.)
3.To meet the needs of different industries
(1)Electrical industries appliances:Air conditioner, Television, Microwave, Electric cooker, Electric kettle, Induction cooker etc.
(2)Power supply appliance: Vehicle power supply, Energy saving power supply, Ballast etc.
(3)LED application:LED lighting, LED display, LED lights, LED control systems, LED luminous characters.
(4)Vehicle industries application: Vehicle power supply, Vehicle light, Car audio etc.
(6)Energy saving lighting industries application: Industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, street lamp, floodlight etc.
(7)Other electronic industries application: Electronic watch, Electronic Instrument, electronic spare parts etc.
4.AI/SMT spare parts of different brand machine .
With the original drawing to provide high copy spare parts , To a large extent save much cost for customer ,and keep the spare parts life.
5.Have the most extensive contacts network, for customers to find all kinds of second-hand accessories.



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