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LED Manufacturing 💡🔦

2023-02-09 17:51:23

Bright Idea! Stop importing from China and Invest in LED Assembly Equipment


Today, LEDs are used for bulbs and tubes but increasingly they are being used in the many lighting components necessary for automobiles, airplanes, appliances, computers, electronics, televisions and more. LEDs use a whopping 80% less energy than old Incandescent Lighting and 50% less than Compact Fluorescent Lighting. Soon, international mandates to deal with climate change, like the Paris Agreement, will make an already huge market, topple over with growth and opportunity.

LEDs offer a promising solution to deal with energy agendas set forth by conventional international treaties and local environmental policies that seek to gain quantifiable reductions in fossil fuel usage. LEDs are a simple, yet integral solution to improving energy efficiency and helping to solve the issue of climate change. Are you keeping up with the Paris Agreement and what that means for a BOOMING LED Market?

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