Insertion Mount (IM) Safety Rules


The following rules are specific to IM equipment (also known as Through

Hole) :

• Whenever powering the IM machine down for maintenance, follow

the next two procedures:

• On the AC power panel, push the breakers to the OFF

position. Also, at the AC power panel, turn the key to the

OFF position and remove.

• Attach a warning notice to the AC power panel showing the

machine is not operational and only the maintenance

technician is authorized to restore power.

• Disable the Full Command function to prevent machine operation

from a Host controller or UCT. This must be done if a maintenance

procedure requires machine power.

• Only qualified maintenance technicians are to use the Interlock

Bypass key switch to bypass the IM safety interlock circuits.

 • Interlock Bypass: Never leave the Interlock Bypass key in the On

position except during maintenance. During non-maintenance

operations, the key switch must be in the Off Remove position with

the key removed to a secure area.

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