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Insertion Head Jaw Guide Gap Adjustment

2023-02-09 17:51:22

This procedure adjusts the gap between the block containing the jaw guide
and the insertion head housing. When the gap is properly set, the jaw guide
will move freely, but will not be excessively loose. The components can then
be loaded into the head consistently, and the head will not wander during
component insertion. There should be no movement in either a front to back
or side to side motion as illustrated below.
Machine powered down and insertion head removed.
1.While holding the head housing, apply front to back pressure to the jaw guide assembly and check for movement between the block and
housing. This movement could be in a front to back direction as illustrated by the black arrows, or in a side to side direction as
illustrated by the gray arrows. Refer to the illustration.



2.While holding the housing, move the jaw guide assembly through its full range of travel to the full up and down positions. Refer to the
illustration. Ensure the jaw guide assembly moves up and down smoothly and rollers D and E rotate without binding.

3.If no adjustment is required, go to Insertion Head Centering Adjustment
 procedure. If excess movement or binding exists, or if the rollers do not rotate, continue with the following procedure.



4.To eliminate excessive side to side movement or binding of roller E, loosen set screw F and turn eccentric shaft G in either direction until roller E moves freely. Next, turn eccentric shaft G clockwise until a
slight resistance is felt. Do not adjust beyond this point. Check for smooth movement between up/down positions without excessive side to side movement. Readjust eccentric shaft G as necessary. When
satisfied with adjustment of eccentric shaft G, tighten set screw F.

5.To eliminate excessive front to back movement or binding of roller D, loosen, then finger tighten screws K. Adjust screw J, taking care not to over tighten it, while checking for smooth movement between the up
and down positions and no front to back movement. Readjust screw J as necessary. When satisfied with adjustment of screw J, tighten screws K.

6.Recheck for smooth up/down operation of the guide jaw assembly as well as excessive front to back and side to side movement. If no excess movement or binding exists and both rollers turn smoothly, no further
adjustment is necessary. If movement or binding still exists, repeat above procedures as necessary.

7.Before reinstalling the insertion head on the machine, check the insertion head centering. Refer to the Insertion Head Centering Adjustment  section.


End of procedure



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