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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner cleaner for smt nozzle,PCB, stencil cleaning

2023-02-09 17:51:23

Product Description


1.Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner control timer quality steel made LCD display
5.quality warranty
Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner
>Isolated-Circuit Design, Keep Water Away for Extra Safety
>Wide-Diameter Transducer for Best Cleaning Result
>Professional Design
>Powerful transducer and clear circut
>Top quality steel made for body,cover and base
>Digital LCD display leading fashion of the model Time setting,real time count-down,heation function,temperature control,live temperature display.easy operation
>Basdet and Tray Anti-noisy and Shock absorption Handle Drain Sophisticated made and customized design
>Professional testing,quality assurance
>Sophisticated design/fabulous outlook
>Digital control Timer Heating Temperature control function
Electronic factory
Jewelry factory
Chemical lab
Dental clinic
Repair shop
Family, etc
Ultrasonic Frequency
40000 Hz
Tank Material
Stainless Steel SUS304
Tank Capacity
1-30 Minutes, Digital timer
Power Supply
AC 100 – 120V, 50 / 60 Hz
AC 220 – 240V, 50 / 60 Hz
Ultrasonic Power
Heating Power
100W, Digital heating
Unit Size
270 X 170 X 240 MM ( L x W x H)
Tank Size
240 X 135 X 100 MM ( L x W x H)
Package Size
330 X 250 X 310 MM ( L x W x H)
3.8 KG
4.1 KG
Shipping Information:
Carton size (12 pcs)
775 X 685 X 320 mm(L x W x H)
Carton gross weight (12 pcs)
25 kg
Cube( 12 pcs)
0.18 M3
20` Container capacity
1980 pcs
40` Container capacity
2280 pcs
40` High container capacity
3216 pcs