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How to distinguish between PCBA board cleaning and non-washing in automotive electronics?

2023-02-09 17:51:24

How to distinguish between PCBA board cleaning and non-washing in automotive electronics?

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Customers often do not understand why automotive electronics PCBA boards need to be cleaned reliably. Which electronic PCBAs need cleaning before use? Which ones don’t have to be cleaned? It is also difficult to distinguish and judge. The purpose of this article is to analyze the necessary reliability cleaning of automotive electronics PCBA, hoping to help customers and readers.

In order to realize the control of driving and clock functions in the car, various types of electronic circuit boards are used to realize various control functions: engine driving management system or engine driving computer ECU, and new energy vehicles have more circuit boards, each of which is on average. The car has a circuit area of 1.5 square meters and more than 100 electronic circuit boards. These types are in electronic circuit boards that implement various functions. What needs cleaning? Which do not have to be cleaned?

The function control panel of the car electronics is cleaned and not cleaned, and is often distinguished from the driver’s personal safety, the safety of the driving scene and the safety of the property. The function control related to the safety of the car and the personal safety of the third party is required. Do the cleaning to achieve high reliability technical requirements: for example, the engine management system ECU circuit board, the new energy vehicle power management system BMS circuit board and so on.

The car also has other management systems, lighting control systems, navigation, music playback entertainment systems, door and window control and glass lift, seat functions and other auxiliary functions, because the density of these systems and human life safety is not too great, Often such electronic circuit boards can be made from no-clean, thereby reducing cost and meeting performance requirements.

Driving circuit ECU, new energy vehicle BMS power management system process circuit board process cleaning, cleaning circuit board surface residue, removing flux, solder paste residue and residual effects of other pollutants in the process, truly reach the circuit The surface of the board assembly is clean, and the degree of ionic contamination is used as an indicator to measure the cleanliness of the board surface. This is the technical indicator that can truly achieve reliability guarantee. It can greatly improve the safety and reliability of the circuit board assembly products, and avoid unnecessary risks caused by the electrochemical corrosion of the circuit board and the defects caused by electromigration caused by poor working conditions, humidity and high temperature.

In summary, all component processes that are closely related to life safety and driving safety must be reliably cleaned. It is currently recommended to use an environmentally safe water-based cleaning process.

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