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How to choose a laser marking machine?

2023-02-09 17:51:24

How to choose a laser marking machine?


At present, laser marking machine is suitable for most materials produced in various industries, so it is widely used in a variety of materials, such as metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, leather, etc. can be permanently marked with high quality. There is no force on the workpiece surface, no mechanical deformation and no corrosion on the material surface. So how to choose a laser marking machine? Let’s discuss something today.

1,The quality of laser: As laser is the crucial part of the whole machine, its quality determines the machine’s quality. In general, the imported laser will be better, its beam quality is good, the electro-optic conversion rate is high, and the domestic laser is slightly inferior, but the homemade laser can also meet the needs of any industry.So if you have a limited budget,then the homemade laser is a good choice.

2. The cooling device.The cooling equipment of machine can be judged from the following aspects:
(1) What’s the cooling water velocity? (If the speed of cooling water is fast, the heat dissipation will fast as well)
(2) Whether the water pipe of the cooling system leaks, if dew, will also affect the power of the laser.


3. The quality of laser lens. The better laser lens, the more reflected laser beam, and the smaller the laser loss, which is conducive to increasing the electro-optic conversion rate of laser marking machine.
There are two kinds of lenses: the imported one and homemade one, the homemade also divided into imported materials and homemade materials.
The service life and use effect will being effected by its price .

4. Laser operating software. You need to confirm whether the software is original genuine development, pirated software will often appear light leakage, power consumption, performance instability, short service life, high maintenance costs.
5. After-sales service. You need to acknowledge if the supplier can offer this service like deliver, training, debugging and so on.


Laser marking machine has 3 main parts: laser, galvanometer and laser software.

There are many types of laser marking machines. First of all, you should make clear the scope of production, processing materials and processing capacity of our enterprises, and then determine the type and quantity of equipment to be purchased.





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