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How do buy SMT nozzle for oddform SMC components

2023-02-09 17:51:24

How to select SMT nozzle

A, Nozzle material:

1, Tungsten Steel nozzle: Tungsten Steel nozzle strong, durable, but easy to white, not afraid of trouble friends, or SMT new can choose tungsten steel suction nozzle, white with oily pen coating, can continue to use

2, Ceramic nozzle: Ceramic nozzle never white, but very brittle, easy to break. Careful use can avoid or reduce the occurrence of fracture

3, Diamond Steel nozzle: strong, easy to use, never white, but very expensive, cost-effective

4, plastic head nozzle: When the surface of the material is not smooth or the material is sticky, it is suitable to use the plastic head nozzle, but the life of the plastic head suction nozzle is not long You can just put on your own gummy head

B, Nozzle Size: standard specifications of the material, nozzle specifications are basically fixed to Samsung SM, 0805 material corresponding to CN065 suction nozzle, 0603 material corresponding to CN040 nozzle and so on, when some material is not big or small, strange shape, you need to order suction nozzle

C, NOZZLE SHAPE: nozzle shape with square hole, round, v Slot. Bespoke suction nozzle, generally according to the shape of the material, select a flat suction point, some made into an elongated suction nozzle, into the groove plane suction, some material according to the edge of the back, some two-sided plane, the middle is not flat, you have to build a bridge. Some materials have viscosity, is not easy to put the material, it is necessary to open some slots in the suction nozzle wall, or made into plastic head


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