Gold Service

Our Gold Service Standards

Service – Component rebuilds, machine repairs, machine rebuilds, and statistical calibration. We also provide process evaluation and improvement; which includes line balancing and program optimization.
Parts – We are experts in the manufacture and design of high-performance
replacement and specialty nozzles. A variety of other consumable items are
also available. Reduce costs even further with our extensive inventory of
spare machine parts.
Training – Our technical staff is available for machine training on many different platforms:
1. Machine Operator
2. Preventative maintenance
3. Calibration
4. Troubleshooting
5. Feeder maintenance & calibration
6. Process improvement
Tech Support – We have a highly experienced and talented team who understand the SMT
production process and most equipment types. Technical telephone
support is provided at no charge.
P.O.D – Introducing the Process Optimization Device: Our proprietary
technology measures statistical machine data (Cp & Cpk) from component
placements. This data is used for statistical calibration to increase a
machine’s capability and accuracy. Data collection and statistical calibration
can be performed on a variety of SMT equipment. This tool provides you
the ability to sort data by many different combinations to help analyze your
equipment, predict mechanical issues, and speed repairs.

Pre-sale Service

presales service


• Mechanical failure analysis
• Improve PCB design and guidance for improvements
• Provide equipment solutions
• Provide High-Quality, Cost-Effective products
• Spare parts in stock (short delivery)
• Online training and technical support
After-sale Service

after sales service

• Provide SMT production guidelines
• Experienced engineers in 7×24 hours
• Marketing support with your customers
• on-the-job training in China or your country
• product upgrading


Extra services

extra service

  1. PC Board Evaluation
    Providing your sample bare board layout drawings and sample components, then we will deliver the report about which components could be automatically inserted and suggestions for design changes to improve the ability of the board to be manufactured.
  2. Throughput Analysis
    We will use our IM product simulator to run tests, then we will send you the boards per unit of time and insertions per hour. According to our report, you can justify the need for equipment’s acquisition and real world prediction of machine throughput.
  3. Machine Demonstrations
    We will provide standard Southern Machinery DEMO boards and run customers’ equipment if order has been placed.