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Glossary of Acronyms

2023-02-09 17:51:22

Acronym/Term                           Meaning
AC            Alternating Current: type of electrical power generation
BGA           Ball Grid Array

BOM           Bill of Materials
CAD           Computer-Aided Design
CCGA          Ceramic Column Grid Array
CD-ROM        Compact Disc-Read Only Memory
CE            Conformité Europeanne: European safety standard
CP            Process capability index: a measure of a process’s ability to meet a specification
CPH           Components per Hour
CPK           Measure of process capability
CPU           Central Processing Unit
CSP           Chip Scale Package
DC            Direct Current: type of electrical power generation
DDF           Direct Die Feeder
DPTF          Direct Pick Tray Feeder
DPM           Defects per Million
DSP           Digital Signal Processing
DTF           Direct Tray Feeder
DVD           Digital Video Disc
FC            Flip Chip
FoV           Field of View
GEM           Generic Equipment Model
GS            General Specification (Universal brand name)
HF            High Force
HP            High Precision
Hz            Hertz (cycles per second): measurement of electrical frequency
IA            Intrinsic Availability
IL4           InLine4 Placement Head
IL7           InLine7 Placement Head
IPC           IPC: Industry Standards Organization
LTFA          Linear Thin Film Applicator
MCM           Multi-chip Module
MELF          Metal Electrode Leadless Face (Diodes)
MPP           Mils per Pixel
MRP           Material Requirements Planning
NPI           New Product Introduction
NPT           National Pipe Thread: a U.S. standard for tapered threads used to join pipes and fittings
OAL           On-Axis Lighting
PC            Personal Computer
PCB (or PC board)          Printed Circuit Board
PEC           Pattern Error Correction
PLCC          Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier
PPM           Parts per Million: measurement of machine performance
PSI           Pounds per Square Inch
PSV           Platform Setup Validation
PTF           Platform Tray Feeder
QAC           Quality Assurance Committee
QFP           Quad Flat Package
RAM           Random-access Memory
RFQ           Request for Quote
SATA          Serial ATA: physical computer storage interface
SCFM          Standard Cubic Feet per Minute: measurement of airflow
SECS          Semiconductor Equipment Communications Standard: interface between host computer and assembly machines
SEMI          Semiconductor Equipment & Materials International
SiP           System in Package
SOIC          Small-outline Integrated Circuit
SOT           Small-outline Transistor Package
UIC           Universal Instruments Corporation

UL            Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

ULC           Upward-looking Camera

UPS           Universal Platform Software (Universal brand name)
VAC           Volts Alternating Current
VGA           Video Graphics Array: type of CRT monitor standard
VME®          Versa Module Eurocard (Motorola brand name): industry standard for 32-bit computer bus
VRM           Variable Reluctance Motor

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