Full Line SMT Solution: Semi-Auto Screen Printer


Stage 1: Semi-Auto Screen Printer

Full Line SMT Solution: Semi-Auto Screen Printer

What is a One-Stop SMT solution? One-Stop SMT, Full Line Solutions can guarantee your company more profits by cutting down on manufacturing costs, labor, constantly increasing importation taxes, making you an industry leader and ultimately providing you more control of your product.

High End LED Lighting Full SMT Line
Requiring only 12.5 M in length, here’s what a Full SMT Line-up consists of:
> Semi-Auto screen printer  > Buffer conveyor > Pick and place > Conveyor > Reflow Oven > Work table
SP- 1200 Semi- Auto Screen Printer

Full Line SMT Solution: Semi-Auto Screen Printer
  • Adopts SMC rail and Panasonic speed control motor drive steel squeegee base to ensure printing steady
  • The Squeegee base can be uplifted 45 degrees, easy to disassemble the squeegee and clean the screen
  • The printing base can be move front and rear, and fixed to ensure perfect printing effect
  • The printing table has groove and location pin, suited forth single and double-sided board production
  • Adopts X, Y, Z axes to align the board by using arm (screen stencil) and printing table
  • Microcomputer control equipped with LCD
  • User-Friendly Interface with counting function


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