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Feeder Return Stroke Stop Adjustment

2023-02-09 17:51:22

1.Power down the machine and perform Lockout/Tagout according to local procedures.

2.Remove the feeder from the machine.
3.Loosen the mounting block locking set screw. Turn the set screw in until it just bottoms out, but do not tighten.

4.Use a flat blade screwdriver to turn the mounting block to be parallel with the housing as shown.

5.Tighten the locking set screw.  Verify that the mounting block remains parallel to the housing.  If needed, repeat adjustment until correct.
6.Loosen the eccentric locking set screw.  Turn the set screw in until it just bottoms out, but do not tighten.

7.Rotate the eccentric to increase the clearance between anti-back-up dog and the ratchet wheel.
8.Place a 0,05 mm (0.002 in.) feeler gauge or shim stock between the anti-back-up dog and the ratchet wheel.

9.Rotate the eccentric adjustment screw until the shim stock can not be easily removed from between the anti-back-up dog and the ratchet wheel.
10.Loosen the eccentric until there is a slight drag.
11.Tighten the set screw after the correct clearance has been set.
12.Connect the air to the feeder and cycle the feeder observing the function of the anti-back-up dog.
13.If the anti-back-up dog fails to drop into position on any tooth, repeat the procedure and adjust the anti-back-up dog to the tooth where it did not correctly drop into position.14.Install the feeder on the machine.


End of Procedure

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