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Are You Ready for Lead-Free Reflow Oven s-6600

2023-02-09 17:51:23



· Complete for the free process

·Adopt instrument control System and closed loop control for heating sources of each zone 

·Temperature control adopt circulation hot air heating mode for each zone 

·Closed loop control for conveyor system,can go along steadily stepless rate-adjusting

·With over heating alarm function

Product Description:

Machine Dimension (L*W*H) 5378 *1320 *1490 mm
Weight Approx.2300 Kg
umber of Heating Zones Top 8/Bottom 8
Length of Heating Zones 3110mm
Heating Mode Circulation hot air
Number of Cooling Zone Top 2
Nozzle Plate Aluminum Alloy Plate
Max. Width of PCB 400 mm (Option 450 mm)
Range of Rail Width 50-400 mm (Option 50-450 mm)
Conveyor Direction L→R (Option R→L)
Conveyor Height 900±20 mm
PCB Transmission Mode Mesh
Conveyor Speed 300-2000 mm/min
Power Supply 5 Wire 3 phase, 380V,50/6 0HZ
Total Power 64KW
Start up Power 30KW
Power Consumption 9KW
Warming Time Approx: 30 Min
Temperature Range Room Temp 300℃
Temperature Control Method PID Close Loop Control + SSR Driving
Temperature Control Precision +-1℃
Temperature Deviation on PCB +-1.5℃
Abnormal Alarm Abnormal Temperature (Extra-high temp /Extra-Low temp)

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