Electronic Manufacturing SMT ROOM DESIGN for Reflow Oven


Electronic Manufacturing/PCB Assembly

Locate the reflow oven away from drafty areas such as loading
docks and air conditioning vents.
Some other considerations are:
a) Is the floor level?
b) Is the floor strong enough for the load?
c) Is the floor vibration-free?
d) Is other equipment too close?
e) Is there electromagnetic interference nearby?
f) Is electrical power, exhaust ducting, and nitrogen nearby.
g) Is the door(s) large enough to move the machine?

The Reflow Oven Data Tables provide information to help plan the space for reflow oven:
a) Machine clearances
b) Machine dimensions
c) Machine weights
d) Crate dimensions
e) Electrical Requirements

The clearances shown in the above plan view are necessary to provide
a safe area within which to maintain the Reflow Oven.
All applicable Codes and Regulations should be considered when
providing service space.
A vertical clearance of 113 inches (287 cm) above the operating floor is
necessary to accommodate the oven with the hood and service cover
open. (This is intended to provide approximately 36 inches (91 CM)
upper clearance with the oven fully open ).

The doors and other openings should be large enough for personnel and
equipment moving and placing the machine. When the machine is being
lifted, 1″ to 6″ (2.5 CM to 15 CM) clearance is necessary above the machine
to allow for the lifting height of the moving equipment.
The ceiling must be high enough to accommodate the machine’s maximum
height with the bonnet and service cover open, plus an allowance for the
exhaust ducts to be connected to the machine’s exhaust ports.
(See Oven Outline Drawings for dimensions)
The machine must be located on a concrete floor not subject to vibration
from other machinery or passing fork trucks etc. Vibration in the floor may
cause problems with the machine’s conveyors and the printed circuit boards
being processed. Only a level concrete floor treated to prevent dust should
be considered.

Exhaust Connections
The reflow oven requires one main facility exhaust connection
branched into two sections, each connected to the exhaust vents on the
oven as illustrated in the Oven Outline Drawing. The main facility drop
should be centered above the oven as much as possible. The ducting needs
to be flexible and durable enough to allow opening and closing of both the
Hood for Service of the oven. The installation of an adjustable throttling
dampers in the exhaust connection is recommended to allow flow
adjustments as necessary.

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