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Dispenser for high precision products

2023-02-09 17:51:23

Fully automatic dispensing system bench top automatic visual glue dispenser  Automatic visual glue dispenser    is used to Chevrons,  fridge magnets, key chains,  power supply, cell phone,energy saving light, LED, DVD, DC, Switch, Connector, relay and other industries needing fluid glue solder.

Feature of  Glue dispensing equipment

1 Improve the production efficiency,reduce artifical loss.

2 Equipped with high performance CCD vision positioning system,visual dispensing route,improve accuracy.

3 Use industrial computer to control  operating system,

4 According to the different artifacts, choose suitable LED light source for lighting.

5 Adopt servo motor, ball screw drive.

6 It can arbitrary match with needle valve, diaphragm valve,screw valve, pnematic injection valve, piezoelectric injection valve.



S-400SP Desk-top visual dispenser from Xiaochan Liang