Southern Machinery provides professional SMT peripheral equipment.

DEK Horizon

2023-02-09 17:51:22
Screen Frames  
External (w x l x t) Internal (w x l) Type


736 x 736 x 38/40mm

(29” x 29”)660 x 660mm

(26” x 26”)DEK 265


585 x 585mm


(23” x 23”)508 x 508mm

(20” x 20”)DEK 260 All common stencil sizes available:

Sanyo, Ekra, Fuji, Panasonic MPM etc.

Image to Stencil position

Centre, Front, Custom  Board Handling

Minimum size

50 x 70 mm

Maximum size

510 x 508 mm *(610 x 508mm)


0.2 – 6 mm


Up to 8mm including PCB thickness

Underside component




Programmable 3- 42mm

Transport conveyors

Programmable motorized

Transport Direction generique du viagra en pharmacie

Left to Right


Right to Left

Left to Left

Right to Right

Interface Protocols

All popular interfaces available

Board Location

Patented Over the Top clamps


Edge clamping*



Fully automatic Vision.  Process Parameters

Print Speed

2 – 150 mm/sec

Print pressure

0 – 20 kg  Software programmable (*closed loop feed back)

Print Gap

0 – 6 mm

Stencil separation

Speed:      0.1 – 20 mm/sec


Distance:  0 – 3 mm

Print Modes



Print Print

Print Flood

Flood Print


Paste Knead

Programmable: Number, Period, On demand  Vision

Vision System

Cognex 8100 vision system

Camera lighting

Software controlled programmable lighting


2 or 3

Fiducial Types

Synthetic fiducial library or unique pattern recognition

Fiducial size

0.5 – 3 mm

Fiducial position

Anywhere on PCB

Fiducial error recovery

Auto lighting adjustment.


Auto fiducial search.

Smart fiducial.

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