Cutter Adjustment

The purpose of this procedure is to adjust the cutter block to the left or right
so that the component carrying cardboard strip is sheared cleanly and with a
minimum of resistance.
If the clearance between cutters is too small, the blades will interfere with
each other and bind. If the clearance is too large, the edge of the cardboard
bends and tears rather than cutting. The clearance also has an affect on the
amount of force required to cut the cardboard and consequently the speed of
the forward stroke.
Feeder Preliminary Forward Stroke Adjustment
Driver Clearance Adjustment
 1.Power down the machine and perform Lockout/Tagout according to local procedures.

2.If necessary, remove the component carrying cardboard strip from the feeder.
3.Remove the feeder from the machine.
4.Using the pin (p/n 30535802) supplied, manually push the main driver forward until the cutting edges of the cutters are engaged.
5.Using a feeler gauge, check the clearance between the cutter blades as illustrated.  If .0015 inch (0,038mm) clearance exists, no adjustment is
  required. Ensure the cutters are parallel and the clearance is consistent the full length of the cutters. If adjustment is required, continue with step 5.
6.Loosen the 2 hex head machine screws that secure the cutter holder.

7.Loosen the adjusting screw and pull the cutter block out so the clearance is too large. To apply some pressure to the cutter holder,
tighten the 2 cutter holder screws until the split lock washers just start to collapse. Slowly turn the adjusting screw in until the proper
clearance is attained.

8.Tighten the cutter holder mounting screws.



    End of procedure

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