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BEC Board Setup for VCD/JW

2023-02-09 17:51:22

This procedure adjusts the BEC board settings so the positioning system
performs the correct adjustments to board error conditions encountered
during production runs.  If these settings are not correct, incorrect
adjustments would cause component misinsertions.
Rotary Disk Squareness Adjustment
Clinch To Head Alignment
Special Tools:
Card Extender (43682901)
Adjustment Procedure:


Wear a wrist strap connected to ground to prevent electrostatic
discharge from causing damage to boards.


1.Power down the machine as described in the Operation manual.

2.Disconnect the edge connector from the BEC board in I/O slot 11.
3.Remove the BEC board from slot 11 of the I/O box.
4.Insert the card extender in I/O box slot 11.
5.Insert the BEC board into the card extender.
6.Connect the edge connector to the BEC board.
7.Cover the BEC sensor with an opaque object.
8.Power up the machine as described in the Operation manual.
9.Activate the IM Diagnostics  as follows.  Refer to the IM-UPS and IM
Diagnostics documentation for specific details relating to the operation
of the machine terminal.
Select the IM Diagnostics icon.  

When the machine is in the IM Diagnostics function power is provided to
the machine.  Exercise caution when performing the following
procedures to avoid Injury to personnel and equipment.


10.After the IM Diagnostics has completed its initialization, select  the


Machine Setup>Board Error Correction
The Setup Board Error Correction screen is displayed. 

12.While watching the X axis A/D Counts indicator, adjust otentiometer R82 to achieve a display of 0.
13.While watching the Y axis A/D Countsindicator, adjust potentiometer R81 to achieve a display of 0.
14.Power down the machine as described in the Operation manual.                        


15.Remove the BEC board from the card extender, then remove the card
extender from I/O box slot 11.


16.Insert the BEC board into I/O box slot 11 and connect the edge
connector to the BEC board.


17.Remove the opaque object from the BEC sensor.

End of procedure.

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