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Ball to Pad Coverages for Components with Bumps or Columns

2023-02-09 17:51:23

X, Y, θ Space

for square Components With Bumps or Columns

SMT,THT,PCB,PCBA,AI,wave soldering,reflow oven,nozzle,feeder,wave soldering,PCB Assembly, LED, LED lamp, LED display,

Points that lie inside the box represent combinations of x, y, and θ that meet our specs.  

· Points inside the “football” represent combinations that result in 75% feature to pad coverage or better.

· Points that lie inside the box but outside the “football” represent combinations that meet our x, y, and θ specs but yield less than 75% coverage.

· Points that lie inside the “football” but outside the box represent where we are not allowed to operate due to the x, y, and θ specs but would actually give acceptable coverages ( 75%).

· The regions described above (i.e. the portion of the “football” that lies outside the box, etc.) vary in volume depending on the component geometry (span, feature and pad diameters) and the spec. 

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