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Auto Insertion machine Competitive Analysis – TDK AC7 vs Universal VCD

2023-02-09 17:51:23

Axial Products Competitive Analysis



Key Weaknesses

Key Strengths



(Rank 2)


No Axial experience

No previous Axial machines in product mix, offering only a SH VCD (no Sequencer, DH, etc.)

Axial product offering is VERY similar to Dynapert V12000.  Possible patent infringements on Dynapert design.

Support infrastructure is inferior to UIC’s.

Low price machines

Field proven reliability of Radial Inserter

Large multi-national installed base for Radial Inserter

Japanese firm, thus strong JMA loyalty

Asian company, thus understands Asian business needs

Operates in Microsoft Windows interface, which provides immediate productivity feedback

Financially sound and stable

Offer a  SH VCD – Avisert AC-7

TDK Competitive Summary


AC-7 Avisert Features:

· Board offset correction

· Insertion hole correction

· Ammo or reel input packaging

· Push button control panel

· Microsoft Windows interface

· Intelligent operator message feedback

· Servo driven cam operated insertion head

· Servo motor driven rotary table

· Available Options: 

– Pass through capability

– Throughput optimizer

– Flexible work board holder

– Touch screen

  – Pattern repeat

– Multi tier security software

– Optical safety device

– Integrated machine enclosure

Key Sell Against Points:

Universal offers a complete Axial product line; Single Head, Dual Head, VCD Sequencer and Sequencers while TDK offers a single Axial machine.

Universal completes the IM product offering with Radials and Special Products which include Eyelet and Pin Inserting Machines, and 3-Span Radials.

We offer optional Universal board handling on most models.

Universal offers a superior training, service and support infrastructure.

We offer industry leading cost per insertion and the highest throughput per square foot of floor space.

UIC Strengths and Proof Points:

UIC Strengths


For the Customer:

Machine designs allow flexibility in the production environment.

Universal offers a complete IM product line of Axial inserters, Sequencers and combination machines, as well as Radial product offerings.

Universal board handling is optional for machine integration.

Discuss customer need for  factory integration.

Possible future need for increased automation.

High value for the price, and  fastest inserters in the industry.

Dual Head machines provide  the highest throughput in the industry, 32,000 cph, a cost effective approach for high volume applications.

Ask the customer to compare cost per insertion.

Superior service, support and training.

Excellent investment protection.

UIC is a respected and secure provider of insertion equipment.

Pre and post sale assistance with specific applications and systems integration.

Ask the customer to compare UIC’s support infrastructure (tech. specialists, spare parts, FE response time) to Panasonic.  Also discuss unique value benefits – Uptime 100 and Tech Advisor.

TDK Strengths and Counter Points:

Competitor Strength

The Facts

For the Customer:

Perceived high throughput (16,000 CPH).

The throughput Nepcon Tokyo 觀appeared closer to 10,000 CPH.


Demonstrate UIC’s commitment to reducing customer costs by: 

1.  Comparing cost per insertion.

Single insertion head provides better stability and less maintenance and setup.

Dual head machine is the  highest throughput inserter in the industry with exceptional reliability and insertion performance.

Single head machine offers competitive cost per insertion with all the other values of UIC.

Demonstrate UIC commitment to customer support with:

1. Service and support, including PM schedules and maintenance manuals.

2. Uptime 100 program.

3. Tech Advisor.

4. Superior training program.  

Priced competitively in the 80K – 106K range.

Targeting existing Dynapert accounts where support requirements are minimal.

Demonstrate UIC’s commitment to reducing customer costs by: 

1.  Comparing cost per insertion.

Financial backing from a major IM provider.

Very similar to Dynapert V12000 machine 

Possible patent infringements on Dynapert design.

Not a complete product line, no complementary Sequencer available to date or board handling.  

May not have devoted TDK backing for service and support.

Determine if customer is will to obtain investment protection:

1. From a supplier that may not remain in business due to legal problems.

2. Has revived very old designs.

3. Discuss Broome Engineering products for low cost entry and their ability to allow trade-up. 

Appendix – Reference Accounts and Testimonials:

Account Name

Salesman to contact


AT&T Monterey, Mexico

Michael Lewis 

TDK offered AT&T accepted an all expenses paid trip to Boston to evaluate the AC-7 but still prefers the UIC Dual Head machines.

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