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PCB Unloader \loader and Destacker from production to packaging.

PCB Unloader \loader and Destacker from production to packaging.


1. Purchase all kinds of materials according to order.



2.     Frame installation of the entire machine.

3. Installed power motor

4.      Install PLC control box.

5.    Install sensor and belt.


6.Install the cover

7.Install the LOGO



8. Install the program and test the machine.

9 .Use PCB board to test machine.

10.Use a magazine test machine.


11. Aging operation week



12. Simple packing before shipment.

13. On the day of shipment, use the export wooden box vacuum packing,











14. Arrange forwarders to pick up the goods.








Four machines were shipped and shipped to the United States via freight forwarders.

How to use SMT filter to ensure the quality of SMT products?

SMT Filter

SMT filter cotton is usually replaced in three months, otherwise it will be blocked, affecting the use effect.

Filter has the following characteristics.

1.Is a high performance and high efficiency filter cotton non-woven processing using organic hot-melt synthetic fiber and;

2, increasing structure, using gradually encrypted multi-layer technology, that is, the fiber density in the direction of pure air will increase gradually, and the higher filtration efficiency can be blocked at different levels of density according to the size of dust, which will more effectively accommodate more dust.

3, efficient filter cotton sticky treatment, filter material after full dipping, because the adhesive penetrated the media completely, so that the dust particles can not pass through, so that the overall filtered air flow evenly diffused, forming laminar flow state, to achieve the best spraying effect.





Does anyone need SMT filter cotton? Factory price.

Please feel free to contact us if necessary.


How is SMT magazine installed? And how to use it

How is SMT magazine installed? And how to use it?

ESD SMT magazine 10ESD SMT magazine 13 ESD SMT magazine 12

ESD SMT magazine 14ESD SMT magazine 15ESD SMT magazine 16ESD SMT magazine 17ESD SMT magazine 19ESD SMT magazine 22ESD SMT magazine 21ESD SMT magazine 20

ESD SMT magazine
ESD SMT magazine

ESD SMT magazine 2ESD SMT magazine 3ESD SMT magazine 4ESD SMT magazine 5ESD SMT magazine 6ESD SMT magazine 7ESD SMT magazine 8ESD SMT magazine 18ESD SMT magazine 9ESD SMT magazine 14ESD SMT magazine 25ESD SMT magazine 24


…Website detailed product introduction page.:




1.Description 2.Specification 3.Feature 4.Operation panel 5.Operation Guide

  • Menu Function
  • Programming Process
    • Calibration
    • Place strip


  • Material Station Setting
  • Place PCB board
  • Import coordinate
  • Puzzle Set
  • Operation Procedure
    • Basic Procedure
    • Safety


  • Maintenance and management
    • Maintenance
    • Common Faults
  • Configuration
  • Quality Guarantee













  • Description

S-6000 is dedicated to research and develop electronic products, it is a small desktop type machine which suits for small and medium-sized enterprise assembly line is developed by our company. This machine has


superior function 1.small batch production. 2. Experiment, research and development. 3. Sample Preparation and trial-produce. 4. Processing and Mounting LED SMT, etc.

The main characteristic of S-6000 is small volume, Mounting very fast, high precision when it works, simple operation, stable running and competitive price. Not only can help you to avoid the mounting instability by man-made, but also can help you to solve the problem like high labor cost, high site cost, low production efficiency, and so on. Our product can greatly improve the productivity.




  • Specification


Desktop Automatic Budget SMT Machine



Applicable PCB


Visual System

up visual system

up and down visual system

Visual function

Mark point positioning function

Placement Head Quantity





Strip Roller Quantity




IC Tray




1 Shelves

Mounting Capability



Mounting Accuracy



Applicable Components


0402~24mm, CHIP, SOP, QFP, SOT

Tape Width: 8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm

External Dimension




59KG( 85.5KG including the package)

63.5KG( 90KG including the package)

Vacuum Pump

-92KPA (Included, Mute Pump)

Vacuum Pump Quantity

2(Included, Mute Pump)

Power Supply

220V , 50Hz

Average Working Power




  • Feature
    • On the basis of programming and control system of WindowsXP, it is supported to import the coordinate file and online programming
    • vision correction: Mounting vision correction, Machine tool vision correction
    • 2 Placement Heads can work in the same time and the mounting range is big. It supports big and thick component. 4 placement heads can be choosed
    • Laser alignment, online programming
    • Vacuum detection, intelligent discriminant good or bad adsorption
    • Detection of material lack, automatic alarm
    • Support multi-feeding ways: feeder belt, feeder, IC tray, IC material tray
    • Encapsulation apply


  • common resistance, capacitance, inductance    and diode


  • SOP series




  • TO252    SMA SMB





SOP-8 (SO8) narrow

SSOP-20 wide








5. SOT series  




0402, 0603

0805, 1206

1210, 1812

2010, 2512

3528, 5050












  • Operation panel

    • Reset Button:    Reset the system data can be restored to the initial state
    • Lighting Button:    The light switch
    • Acceleration and deceleration: Adjust the machine speed
    • Step Distance Button:    Adjust the step distance, step distance: 0.025    0.2    1    5    25 100    mm) Standard step distance: 5
    • Left and right, Up and down Button:    Move the direction key
    • Start/stop:    decide when the machine work start and suspend
    • Emergency stop button: Machine is in wrong operation, click this button, the machine stops running and in the locked state. After solve the problems, this button will rotate rightwill be back to start, open unlock Safe , the machine will work properly
    • Alarm:    Color light alarm, Red is stop state, green is working state. When the machine at work when a fault occurs, the red lights and alarm


  • Operation Guide

    • Menu Function

Level 1 menu
nameLevel 2menu
nameMenu functions instructions
FileNew FileImport and build new coordinate filesOpen FileOpen the saved file SMT programmingEditCheck the dataCheck list configuration material stand material unit
configurationshortcut keyCut and paste, paste, copy, delete

SettingBackup and recovery machine
parametersMachine tool fault
solvingCheck system failureCalibrationBefore using equipment calibration machineSystem of
material stripBuilding material components encapsulation, information and
material feed configurationSystem of
componentEstablish station components packaging information

ControlUnlockUnlock the machineLockLock the machineHeatingHeating the machineOpen cursorOpen the machine cross cursorClose cursorClose the machine cross cursor
ViewToolbarCould show and hide the toolbarList to adapt to
the widthReduce and enlarge the programming listHelpAboutView the system version informationMachine
debugging toolsCan debug and test the function of each part of the machine

Programming Process

Machine Calibration -> Put Material Strip    –> Set Material Stationcheck material -> Put PCB    -> Import Coordinates -> Puzzle SetCheck PCB

  • Calibration

Enter the menu- Set -> Calibration, Align the cursor, nozzle, pull needles and other equipment in order one by one, details are in the corresponding instructional videos.


  • Put Material Strip

Put the material strip on the shelf, details are in the corresponding instructional videos.

  • Material Station Setting

Set the material stand center coordinates, broaching coordinates (for belt material stand), Set column spacing (for disc material stand), This process is referred to as “Material Station Setting”, details are in the corresponding instructional videos.

  • Place PCB board

Put empty PCB board with no solder paste on the machine, Carefully adjust the distance of the jig, To ensure that the PCB securely holding.

  • Import coordinate

Enter the main menu file – > new file, import a coordinate file. Support import the coordinate file and online programming coordinate file PCB software: PADS, CAM350, protel99, Altium Designer and so on, details are in the corresponding instructional videos.

  • Puzzle Set

Choose from two of the far patch points, To establish the corresponding relation of the origin and the origin of
the machine tool programming, This process is referred to as “Puzzle Set”, details are in the corresponding
instructional videos.

  • Operation Procedure

    • Basic Procedure







Solder Paste




Solder Paste -> SMT pick and place machine -> Reflow Soldering



  • This machine has a certain dangerous, non-professional workers do not operate.
  • Before using,Please ensure that the machines work platform area no obstacle to run again, in the run process, do not put your hands in the working area and cover the protect shell.


  • Maintenance and management

    • Maintenance

      • Keep the machine clean,do not put anything on the machine, and also close the protection shell. Cover the protection shell and disconnect the power switch under no use the machine circumstance.
      • Stopped for a long time before using again, put lubricating oil in the X Y axis,keep the machine running smoothly.
      • Using the nozzle for the long time, please clean and make sure the machine is unblocked.
    • Common Faults

      • The needle do not work: Possible reasons:
  • Pull needle can not move down, check to pull needle power supply.
  • Needle couldn’t lift, check whether the needle stuck, the system will be an error. If stuck to artificial troubleshooting, to pull the needle back to normal.
    • The nozzle do not work:

      Possible reasons:

      • Check whether the suction nozzle is fixed in place.
      • Whether the suction nozzle deformation or blocked.



  • Configuration



  • Quality Guarantee

We are not in favor of users to repair itself.

The machine warranty is 1 years, When the machine has any problems in this period, we could repair and change. But in any case, our company’s responsibility can’t more than the purchase price of the product.

If the machine have any problems in the using process, according to the common failures suggest and the solution still cannot be solved, the user shall not open the case, please contact our company’s Marketing Department or agents.

For the faults caused by the manufacturing defects, our company is responsible for free repair or

replacement products.

This guarantee is only applicable to normal use of equipment, and the absence of damage or improper use. The warranty does not include the problem/fault caused by the following reasons:

  • Repair or change the machine without authorization.
  • The proper use of, inadvertent use or accidental, etc.

Please keep the warranty registration card and the Invoice, for the record when we need to maintenance, Technological innovation, Calibration, etc.

Automatic desktop SMT pick and place machine

Automatic desktop SMT

pick and  place machine




Model: S-6000V


Programming manual


  • Import Material Order

    • Import the coordinate file
  • Material Stack Configuration
    • Coil stock and tray stock


  • Material stack configuration function
  • Mounting Setting
    • Mount setting function and introduction
  • Puzzle Setting
    • Quick makeup
  • Program Runs


SMT system programming tutorial




  • Import Material Order

    • Import the coordinate file

Import PCB file coordinates directly and scraping PCB components coordinates manual.

  • Import PCB coordinates

PCB coordinate document template, it is the CSV file.

Open control system main interface – > file – > new file – > import coordinate.

The CSV file, PCB general has Top layer and Bottom layer element coordinates, please confirm the current PCB is the top layer or the bottom layer, choose in the lower left corner coordinates. Then click the lower right corner → the import button.

Import the coordinate file function instructions:


Import the coordinate file function instructions

Option name





Choose the Top layer and Bottom layer to import coordinate


Flip coordinate

Select this option, will perform PCB flip horizontal coordinates


Flip Angle


Allow Blank

When coordinate file have the margin, import coordinate indicates a blank space, must be made to modify the file and then import, avoid programming error.

Select this option, will ignore the coordinate file integrity, errors

may result in mounting components.


  • Grab the coordinate file by hand

  • Main interface in the upper right corner click open control system→Grab the coordinate To manually add the new coordinates

    • Manually add the new coordinates

    X Y positioning equipment function


X Y positioning equipment function

Option name







Choose the cursor, nozzle 1, nozzle 2 to grab positioning tool of the coordinate.

Open cursor

Close cursor

Back to Home


Machine return to original state



Stepping set and X Y movement Function


Stepping set and X Y movement Function

Option name



Stepping set


Alternatively the step size of the X Y directions

X Y movement


Up and Down, Leaf and Right button could Operate X Y direction positioning, In operation, please don’t close to the machine tool



Manual input coordinate function


Manual input coordinate function
Option name



Bit No.


General is number, To manager the PCB program more

clearly, fill the PCB current anchor element bit number.

Component Package

Fill the PCB current anchor element component package.

Center X

Automatic acquisition

Operation the movement direction key to the PCB component packaging center, Automatically obtain X Y

coordinate value, please do not modified by hand.

Center Y


Angle of PCB component

Component Type

Type of PCB component

Note: After setting the above operation,, click “OK” to record coordinate current bit number. And then to do the next one. Directly to the center of the moving direction key to enter a number to setting, Click “OK” to finish record

coordinate current bit number.




  • Material Stack Configuration
    • Coil stock and tray stock
      • Coil stock: For the coil stock component putting.
      • tray stock: For the tray stock and tube IC component putting.
    • Material stack configuration function
      • Material stack configuration function


Material stack configuration function

Option name

Coil stock

tray stock

station number

According to the material stack number

Program Component

Click and choice of material stack put components corresponding

component model, choose components are not allowed to repeat

Material System

Click into the system of material select stack corresponding packaging material with



Click into the system components and system interface to select material

with the corresponding system components package


Calibration center

Click on the center coordinate values into the center calibration interface,

moving XY direction calibration feed tray placed in the center of the stack and elements to get set up

Calibration broaching

Click broaching broaching coordinate values into the calibration interface, moving XY direction calibration broaching

center to get set up

Initial angle

Material stack element display angle, the system default 90 ° degrees

Rows , columns line

spacing, column space

Modify the settings for each display from the ranks of the number and the element array tray


Adapter nozzle

2 head: left one is 1,the right one is 2, according to the different elements

of the package material stack, could change any head.

Flight Speed

Normal:30000pps, Special components can be customized flight speed.

The smaller data , the slower operating speed

More materia
l stack

Pick up



Refers to the suction nozzle picking up speed, Normal: 20000pps.

The smaller data , the slower pick up speed

Pick up



Refers to the suction nozzle distance with the end face contact material stack material when pick up the component, Through the calibration can get picked up depth data, Special component separately select pickup


Pick up



To some special material stack, setting the speed the depth separately.




  • Multi-line batch modification Description


Multi-line batch modification Description
Description: Bit column number , hold down the left button to select a number of modifications can

make the following batch modify.

Option Name



Center X  


batch settings calibration center X coordinate of material stack

Center Y

batch settings calibration center Y coordinate of material stack

Broaching partial


batch settings Broaching partial X coordinate of material stack

Broaching partial


batch settings Broaching partial Y coordinate of material stack

Pick up depth

batch settings pick up depth of material stack

Adapter nozzle


batch settings adapter nozzle of material stack



  • Material stack debugging tools, data checking function description


Material stack debugging tools, data checking function description
Option Name



Material stack test  



Pick up test for calibration finished material station configuration


Save material

station to the file

Save the material station file for calibration finished material station configuration list, it could make it easy for the nest use.

Loading the material station

from the file

Can be loaded directly with the saved material station.

Check no material

Check the Program Component in the material station

configuration list for no material.

Check double


Check the Program Component in the material station

configuration list for double material.

Check nozzle



  • Mounting Setting
    • Mount setting function and introduction


Programming parameters automatically get in after the second material Stack Configuration.



  • Calibration Function description

  • PCB information – Align programming origin

    Click the Align program into the coordinate system origin correction interface.

    Calibration Make sure whether the splint placed parallel to the PCB in place, subject to the plywood base point, and then calibrate.

    Calibrating the far two point coordination ( reduce the error), Click OK after finished



  • Setting Mark point ( This setting must be completed – after operating alignment program origin )

    Set Mark Point, choose a more independent square or circular Mark point as calibration points.( (Note: Mark point usage; in the fourth programming due to the PCB board or puzzle on the origin lead to error, click Mark point to automatic correct board )

  • Calibration ( This setting must be completed – after operating alignment program origin )

    Calibration is used to correct a separate placement coordinate with the actual Mark-point calibration.

  • Other Setting

    Reset the default placement coordination, mounting XY coordinate reply for source file coordination.


Check invalid pick up material station, check whether the configuration is complete.


  • Puzzle Setting

    • Quick makeup

It can horizontal and vertical puzzle PCB.



  • Origin offset correction

  • Manual correction and automatic correction
  • Puzzle calibration Make sure whether the splint placed parallel to the PCB in place, subject to the plywood base point, and then calibrate.

    Manual correction: Click the PCB list of coordinates to enter the calibration correction, respectively coordinate 2 far point calibration.( reduce the error), If there is the puzzle PCB, then do the first PCB, and send and so no. The same way to calibrate.



Mark point automatic correction: one-time auto-complete according to automatic Mark point on board.


  • Program Runs

  • Program option function 5.1.1 Function





Option Name



Base plate Depth


Nozzle and plywood PCB contact distance, setting through the


Optimization Option



Dual stepper reel, can improve the placement rate.




The default double election: if canceled a nozzle will not be placement relative programming can not be involved in SMT production process, two nozzles are canceled, the program

can not be generated.


  • Run the patch
    • Function


Option Name




Test mounting


Select the test mounting, roll feed zone does not feed tray,

please do not put components, SMT will simulate patch

End the process when

the error occurred

Selected, SMT work when other material stack error will end the current SMT all the work, and stop running

Speed Stalls


The smaller stalls, The slower SMT run speed

Starting line number

It may be the current line number bit number for starting SMT


Back Home




Back to initial state.


Start SMT run

Pause / Resume

When SMT work, click this button, it could pause, and click

again, it could resume to work.


End the current work.

5.3 Mount coordination Preview

Function: You can preview the imported PCB plots, red for the selected package components , it can zoom right to select the bit number to view the preview package management.

Automatic PCB cleaning machine USER MANUAL (SQC)

Meet the Needs of the SMT Age



Please read this user manual carefully before running







Automatic PCB cleaning machine
















TEL : 0755-83203237

FAX : 0755-23240492

ADD : Room 1806, Block 3, Jinyun COFCO, Qianjin 2nd Road ,Baoan District,
Shenzhen City, China



Chapter I:            Preamble


Chapter II:            Safety Instructions


Chapter III:            Installation and Specifications


Chapter IV:            Mechanical Steps


Chapter V:            Common Troubleshooting


Chapter VI:            Regular Preservation





Chapter I:        Preamble


Welcome to our company’s “fully automatic PCB cleaner”, please use the operator must be familiar with the mechanical structure of the electrical interface equipment, etc. in order to operate the machine. Therefore, please fully understand the operation manual so that the machine can work under the best conditions to get the best benefit. At the same time, we also hope you pay attention to the safe use of machinery.


When you get this manual in hand, you have become our customer or client; we will have the obligation to provide you with technical assistance in the use of machinery. If you have any questions about this book, please contact the company Ministry asked. Contact details see the cover. When contacting, be sure to inform the machine nameplate (machine serial number), part name, number, drawing number.

Precautions on use:


1. Please confirm the model of the machine you purchased

2. When the machine is running, please read carefully in the operating manual (safety rules and accident prevention);

3. When operating the machine, please strictly observe (safety rules and accident prevention);

4. Due to design changes or special reasons, the delivery of the specific rules of the machine and the manual prepared by the sometimes there are some differences, please understand;

5. User units such as the unauthorized modification of parts on the machine parts, resulting in quality problems or mechanical accidents, our company irresponsible;


Note: The copyright of the works in this manual is owned by Shenzhen Southern machinery sales and service Co., Ltd. Without the written permission of Shenzhen Southern machinery sales and service Co., Ltd., it is forbidden to copy or copy the manual, and the third party is prohibited from using the manual.

The Company reserves the right to modify the technical information prepared in this operation manual at any time.

Chapter II:    Safety Instructions


Please be sure to follow:

I. Safety rules and accident prevention

1. Safety Precautions

2. Safety signs

3. General safety rules

4. Safety rules related to maintenance work


1. Safety Precautions

1.1 Although the emergency stop switch is convenient, but still have to keep in mind the location of the emergency stop switch so that you can emergency shutdown at any time;

1.2 Before starting the machine, be sure to confirm that there is no unsafe factor around before starting the machine.

1.3 Whether for maintenance, adjustment, please turn off the main switch.

1.4 Temporarily shut down when leaving the machine, please press the “stop key”, and also please turn off the main switch.

1.5 Power failure; please turn off the main switch.

1.6 Operation, do not open the machine‘s electrical box.

1.7 To prevent other people from starting the machine by accident during maintenance work, be sure to turn the main switch off.

1.8 Motor and electrical installations related operations, the best electrician operation, and turn off the electricity, wait 15 seconds to repair, maintenance, to prevent the residual voltage.


2. Safety signs

2.1 Where necessary, the machine has been posted on the accident prevention warning class safety signs, be sure to follow the signs indicated in the caution;

2.2 Do not peel off the safety signs attached to the warning class of the machine, if the logo is lost or fouled and other reasons, make it unrecognizable, please contact with the company and try to replace;


3. General safety rules

3.1 operation and maintenance of the operation of the machine, be sure to be trained by a professional and practical training of personnel to perform, non-professionals do not touch the machine.

3.2 Please check the operation and maintenance of the machine regularly to comply with the safety rules.

3.3 Please always check the necessary equipment to ensure safety, the function is safe.

3.4 If the machine is in an accident or the operation is in danger, please inform our company in writing.

4. Repair operations related to safety rules

4.1 When cleaning the machine or peripherals, stop all the machine‘s movements.

4.2 After finishing the work Please confirm that the status of each part of the machine has been restored to the initial state of starting work.

4.3 Be sure to restart the machine after restoring the cover, cover and other devices that have been removed.

4.4 When replacing electrical parts, the power must be cut off and the same part or equivalent must be used.

4.5 Replacing a new fuse Make sure that it is the same as the original rules before shipping. (To prevent damage to other components of the machine, do not use more than the rated current of the fuse).

4.6 The number of refueling parts, cycle, etc., according to the relevant provisions of this manual.


Chapter III:    Installation and Specifications

  1. The installation of the machine

1. Remove the machine from the box and bag;

2. Place the machine according to the intended installation location;

3. Use the level gauge to adjust the 4 foot cup bolts under the base to adjust and fix the machine to the horizontal position to ensure the safety of the foot cup. After adjusting the level, screw the bolt well, but do not tighten it completely.

4. The compressed air through the trachea access filter, adjust the main regulator button to ensure that the pressure in the 4-6bar range;

5. The single-phase 220V50 / 60HZ power connected to power;

6. According to Chapter III of the “test machine and operation”, respectively, air-run and test plate;

7. for mass production

  1. The main features of the machine function

1.1 Microcomputer PLC control system, stable and reliable. The circuit is simple, easy to operate, intuitive and beautiful appearance

1.2 Input the total power supply voltage: AC220V online display running status;

1.3 Sliding linear module with high accuracy, long service life, does not need to make adjustment and correction;

1.4 Cylinder adjustable, up and down movement accurately and smoothly;

1.5 Automatic / manual switching function: automatic state can be directly online board and cleaning action; manual state is mainly for the staff on the machine needs to check, commissioning and maintenance;

1.6 Compatible with SMEMA online signal to facilitate connection with other machines online, import photoelectric switch detection PCB inspection position;

1.7 Delivery supply height: 910 ± 20mm;

1.8 Air pressure with the lowest bar 4 bar, power consumption 100VA

Using sound and light alarm function;

  1. The main machine specifications and technical parameters


Dimensions: L650 × W550 × H1250mm

PCB size: the smallest L100 * W50mm, the largest L330 * W300mm

Control system: PLC

PCB transmission direction: left to right

Transmission height: 910 ± 20mm

Power: AC220V, 50 / 60HZ

Weight: 100kg

Power: 100VA


  1. Structure principle and action description


Structure principle

Mainly by the transfer device, cleaning device, in addition to static electricity device composed of three parts.

Conveyor is the PCB into or export.

Cleaning device is composed of brush + sticky roller + sticky dust paper, through the cylinder lift movements, the PCB surface dust debris sticky PCB.

In addition to the electrostatic device, after removing the electrostatic precipitator PCB will be smoother, it is not easy to re-dust


Action description

Automatic mode:

1. Waiting for the forward engineering machine issued a board signal.

2. Conveyor belt into the front of the engineering machine into the PCB after flowing into the sticky roller to the end of the track.

Wait for the board.

4. After receiving engineering board signal.

PCB outflow

6. Wait for the next PCB to enter (and signal the boarding machine forward).

(For straight through the board, in the automatic mode to turn off the cleaning action and the substrate support can be)


Test run and operation

After the installation of the project, should make a serious and detailed boot inspection of the machine, and test machine, to prepare for formally put into production, test run by air separation and sample two-step work.


1. Empty run

Before turning on the machine, review all the main screws, tighten the screws, clear the tools for walking on the machine

Excess parts, good machine cleaning, the bearings, screw plus foot lubricant. Click

the control panel into the fully automatic state, the machine began fully automatic operation. After driving to check, should meet the following main requirements:

a) Touch the rack without abnormal vibration;

b) Visually sticky drum lift is stable, non-stop bad operation;

c) Visual substrate stents is smooth, non-stop and other poor operation;

d) Visual belt running or stuck phenomenon;

e) Visual control panel indicator light normal display;


2. Trial run

Trial run on the basis of proof of normal operation, test run PCB main check the following points:

a) Operating speed should not be adjusted too high;

b) Check whether the PCB goes in / out smoothly;

c) When there is no gap between the surface of the PCB and the roller when passing through the PCB;

d) Check the drum machine base plate holder is smooth;


Chapter IV: Machine Operation Steps

  1. Machine operation

After debugging, connect the machine signal cable and power supply; open the control panel “power” button.

Adjust the track to the PCB width.



Into the automatic mode before the track cannot have a PCB to stay, otherwise the machine alarm cannot enter.

The belt sends the machine alarm after the safe time set by the program exceeded, press the reset key after processing the trouble to cancel the alarm.

During production commissioning, the hand or object should not be placed under the rotating device under the condition of electricity / air source;

It is forbidden to put the hand near the exercising device in production operation.

Please keep the body in operation with the operation panel to avoid accidentally touching the operation panel switch, resulting in abnormal stoppage;

Prohibit the use of hand, clothing or other items in automatic mode sensor photoelectric switch;

It is forbidden to manually place the PCB in the carrier platform or rail in automatic mode.





Electrical system operation

1 Overview

The machine electrical system using single-phase 220V power supply, the system mainly by the PLC and touch screen control panel and other components.

2. Operating Procedures (Description)

2.1 Turn on the power control switch, release the emergency stop button self-locking, the operation panel is as follows:


Operation interface:

Main interface:

Select the interface you want to enter.

Manual interface:



The motor can be transferred independently, cleaning operation, substrate holder on / off, if you want to return, be sure to put all the switches in the OFF position.

Automatic interface:






First enter the setup interface will need to set the function and click the “Start” button to enter the automatic production state.


Set interface:


Open the “cleaning action” and “substrate support” PCB cleaning mode.

Turn off the “cleaning action” and “substrate holder” to PASS (pass-through board) mode.

Power saving mode: It refers to the time that the roller rises after each PCB is cleaned (refer to the power saving mode screen).

The number of settings: refers to the number set to cut or replace the sticky paper, according to the PCB surface cleaning degree and set a specific number PCB surface dust more,

The quantity should be set less, on the contrary, less PCB surface dust, the number should be set more, improve the overall efficiency.

Production Count: Shows the current production quantity.


Power saving mode interface:







If the power-saving time is set to 30 seconds, no PCB will enter the machine within 30 seconds after the PCB is output, and the sticky roller will rise until the next PCB enters before it can be directly closed without this function.


I / O monitoring interface:







III. Schematic and wiring diagram


1. Electric box:











2. Sensor distribution:




















3. PLC I / O:









4. Online signal:



If the post-engineering machine is reflow machine without signal line can be connected, then the brown X15 and blue 0V two lines can be shorted!

IV. Installation and maintenance precautions

1) The device uses single-phase 220V power supply; the user can press the electrical schematic maintenance;

2) This equipment must be grounded separately;

3) Often use a clean dust-free paper or cloth and alcohol to clean the sticky roller

4) In addition to the need for cleaning and adjustment, the electrical box door must be closed and not open at will;

5) Daily cleaning should check the various parts of the electrical insulation and fastening the junction of the situation, so as to avoid fever and oxidation;

6) Before operating this unit, you must read this manual carefully, remembering not to operate it arbitrarily;

7) Duplex oil surface, please check once a week to ensure that no water filter cup;

8) Check the battery valve leak-free air leak phenomenon;

9) Check proximity switch and the magnetic sensor sensitivity before operation;

10) Please keep the machine


  1. Operating process setting process
  • Turn on the power, turn on the air supply and connect the rear engine signal cable
  • Eliminate stop
  • PLC program initialization / reset
  • Width adjustment
  • Enter the automatic state
  • The machine is started normally
  • normal operation
  • Stop button is pressed
  • Disconnect the power


Chapter V: Common Fault Handling Measures of Main Components


1. No board signal sent

Failure causes and solutions:

The two sensors on the track cannot be sensed and the drawer roller holder must be pushed into place.

2. Automatic into the board after the alarm

Failure causes and solutions:

The PCB is jammed causing the belt to run out of time. Reset the machine and align with the front engine track.

PCB is too long, at the same time induction into the track into the board and the board sensor. Flow direction length exceeds the rated length of the machine cannot be used.

3. Alarm when entering auto mode

Failure causes and solutions:

A PCB stays on the track, clear the PCB on the track before entering.

Drawer roller holder must be pushed into place.

Count has not reached the set number.

Chapter VI: Regular Preservation

Regular maintenance is in addition to routine maintenance matters, according to the provisions of the cycle, the machine stopped, there are plans for the usual difficult to confirm the problem inspection trimming, in order to operate safely and improve the quality of some damage is not able to work. Usually once a month for key maintenance; once a year to test the rotation of each part; the wear and tear of moving parts, vibration and so on.


To ensure the normal operation of the equipment and avoid any trouble, the equipment should be regularly inspected and lubricated.

  • Often use a clean dust-free paper or cloth and alcohol to clean the sticky roller.
  • Monthly to rail, transmission bearings, sprocket lubricated Department.
  • Keep the guide rail and chain slot clean and tidy, no foreign body stuck.
  • Regularly check the various parts of the fastening screws, no loose phenomenon
  • Periodically clean the photoelectric sensor so as not to be contaminated by foreign matter and cannot work properly.
  • Not free to change the PLC program, so as not to disorder the program.
  • Clean the dirt and impurities sticking on the guide rail in time

 PCB cleaning machine

JUKI nozzle :Which is the most used?

JUKI nozzle

Use black material Seiko forming – wear long life

German technology to create high precision – beyond the original quality

  1. Applicable models: JUKI placement machine

KE2000 series KE2010 KE2020 KE2030 KE2040 KE2050 KE2060 KE2070 KE2080 KE-3010A KE3010ACL KE3020VA JX series JX-100 JX-200 JX-300LED JX-100LED JX-350 , FX series FX-1, FX-2, FX-3, FX-3R, FX-3RA.

  1. Using nano-aviation materials, through ultra-precision machining and grinding, the nozzle will not wear out and become white. It can be durable.



JUKI nozzle JUKI nozzle JUKI nozzle JUKI nozzle

JUKI nozzle

JUKI nozzle


JUKI nozzle


● our advantages:

Production advantages: the use of close CNC / milling machine, lathe, grinder, line cutting 35 world first-line brand processing equipment, to make Seiko quality. Non-standard nozzles and the workpiece can be quickly customized, 2-3 working days can be delivered, ultra-rush orders can be shipped the same day.

Long-term inventory, a large number of conventional suction nozzle stock, immediately after the order can be shipped, order to reach 1,000 US dollars can be shipped for free
Price advantage: Suction nozzle and SMT placement machines are a variety of peripheral equipment accessories are sold at preferential prices. Truly Seiko quality, the Chinese price, used to repay customers. We only do Seiko quality, low-end high-margin products do not do!
Team advantage: We have a group of 20 years of experience with automatic insertion machine, SMT machine service engineer team
Payment advantages: As long as you are a factory customer, we can do monthly payment

JUKI nozzle

Buy now for just $ 25, please click on the link for more details


We also sell all kinds of brand accessories, such as JUKI,universal, panasonic, yamaha, samsung, Fuji, Siemens, TDK

If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us:

JUKI nozzle

FUJI XP142/143 2.5/3.7# Nozzle

 SAMSUNG nozzle  CP45FV/SM420 CN065 CN040 CN220 CN400 TN220 TN065

Panasonic nozzle Panasert- smt nozzle for pick and place machine


PCB conveyor: every SMT production line to use such a machine

PCB conveyor: every SMT production line to use such a machine

Can be used to connect SMT production lines, but also can be used as PCB buffer, inspection, testing or manual insertion of electronic components.

PCB  conveyor  with  lighting

Characteristics of the equipment

  1. Modular design can be selected and disassembled according to customer requirements
  2. Strong steel structure design enhances the stability of the equipment.

  3. Smooth and parallel ball screw adjusting mode

  4. Variable speed control function

  5. Circuit board detection mode

  6. Use special transmission track aluminum slot design to prevent card board

  7. Bottom weight design, not easy to shift

  8. The machine length can be customized according to customer’s requirements

  9. Compatible SMEMA interface

PCB Conveyor with lighting 2

PCB Conveyor with lighting 2

PCB Conveyor with lighting 2
PCB Conveyor with lighting 2

PCB Conveyor with lighting 2

PCB Conveyor with lighting 2

PCB Conveyor with lighting 2

PCB Conveyor with lighting 2

PCB Conveyor with lighting 2

PCB Conveyor with lighting 2

PCB Conveyor with lighting 2

PCB Conveyor with lighting 2

PCB Conveyor with lighting 2

How SMT solder paste is mixed. Is there any quick way?

How SMT solder paste is mixed. Is there any quick way?

The solder paste should be fully stirred before using
Purpose: To make the flux and tin powder evenly distributed, give full play to various characteristics;
Mixing method: manual mixing or machine mixing can be; mixing time: manual: about 4 minutes machine: 1 ~ 3 minutes
1) Manual Mixing: Remove the solder paste from the freezer and open the cover until it returns to room temperature (about three to four hours at 25 ° C). Stir the solder paste with a stirring knife. If the cover is broken, tin The cream will become tin pieces by absorbing moisture.
2) with automatic mixer:. If the solder paste is removed from the freezer, there is only a brief warm-up period and you will need to use an automatic mixer to use automatic mixing without affecting the solder paste characteristics. After a period of agitation, the solder paste will. Gradual warm-up If the mixing time is too long, it may cause the solder paste to be higher than the operating room temperature, causing the solder paste to be poured over the board in one piece, and flow (bleeding) during printing, so be careful. Due to different machines, room temperature and other conditions change, will result in different mixing time, so before proceeding, please prepare enough test.
Stirring effect of the judge: Scraping part of the solder paste with a scraper blade tilt, if the solder paste can slide down smoothly, that is, the right to meet the requirements of the appropriate mixing time due to the mixing method, the device and the ambient temperature and other factors vary, should Do more experiments in advance to determine.

We have a fully automatic tin paste mixer which can solve these problems:

Solder Paste Mixer

automatic solder paste mixer for SMT production , this solder paste mixer , mix the solder paste when SMT production before solder paste printer .

Solder Paste Mixer-1

 the machine features Features:    

 1. 0 speed can reach 1000 rpm     

1.1 Solder Paste not need to first thaw stirring;     

1.2 do not have to open the container;    

 1.3 single-phase power supply 110v-220v:    

 1.4 No problem with water vapor:    

 1.5 does not destroy the shape of solder paste powder:  

  1.6 fixture for all kinds of 500g package Paste cans;    

 1.7 mixing time can be set free;  

  1.8 with manual speed control


Solder Paste Mixer

Solder Paste Mixer

Solder Paste Mixer

3D Viewing SMT spare parts in THT PCB Machine


      We  Provide different spare parts and wearing parts of different brands and models.(UIC,TDK,Panasonic,Samsung,Fuji,Juki,SIMMENS……) Only need to tell us your parts‘ machine model and P/N. Fuji TDK Juki Samsung YAMAHA  UIC Panasonic

      Why Choice Us?

      • We owning 10 years experience in providing SMT/EMS services.
      • Familiar design and engineering capability both on Hardware and software.
      • Successful design experience in SMT line.
      • Lean manufacturing.
      • High mixed, high value, low volume business expertise service.
      • Flexible operation, fast response and total satisfaction.
      • Good after-sales and extra value creation services including logistics support, valet procurement, supplier audit service and in factory office offering.

      3D viewing SMT nozzle in THT PCB machine



      We  Provide different spare parts and wearing parts of different brands and models.(UIC,TDK,Panasonic,Samsung,Fuji,Juki,SIMMENS……) Only need to tell us your partsmachine model and P/N. Fuji TDK Juki Samsung YAMAHA  UIC Panasonic

      Why Choice Us?

      • We owning 10 years experience in providing SMT/EMS services.
      • Familiar design and engineering capability both on Hardware and software.
      • Successful design experience in SMT line.
      • Lean manufacturing.
      • High mixed, high value, low volume business expertise service.
      • Flexible operation, fast response and total satisfaction.
      • Good after-sales and extra value creation services including logistics support, valet procurement, supplier audit service and in factory office offering.

      PCB Loader/Unloader The latest introduction to 2017

      PCB  loader/unloader

      The latest introduction of PCB loader/unloader 2017

      Characteristics of the equipment.

      PCB Automatic UNloader PCB conveyor

      1.Special aluminum alloy mechanism to better understand the operation status of magazines.

      1. Stable casting platform structure design, improve the stability of equipment 0.3. Panasonic PLC control, multi-function circuit and program design, performance stability, ensure the smooth and smooth production line.
      2. Humanized programming, 4 kinds of PITCH selection, can set the step distance of receiving/transmitting PCB.

      3. Standard SMEMA communication interface, which can communicate with other automation equipment.

      4. The material box shall be transported by the engineering plate.

      5. Adjustable push plate speed control.

      6. Three-point positioning type upper and lower pneumatic clamping, ensure the location of the material box is accurate.

      7. Push plate protection system to ensure that PCB board is not crushed, reducing process loss. This equipment adopts SMT circuit board production line operation

      PCB size: (mm):   50 x50~330 x445
      Working height (mm): 900 + 20 (STD)
      groove Change time:   bout 6 seconds
      The machine size :1650(L)845(W)1250(H)
      Step selection: mm
      Power supply:  AC 110/220v plus or minus 10V, 50/60hz knife bank
      Dimensions (L * W * H, MM) : 355 (L) * 320 (W) * 565 (H)
      Air pressure and gas flow : 4-6bar / 10 litres/min
      Weight (KG):140 kg

      自动装载机 PCB loader


      This equipment is used SMT circuit board production line operating upper and lower plates

      PCB SIZE:(mm):50×50~330×250
      Working height (mm):900±20(std)
      Tank replacement time: about 6 seconds
      Machine dimensions:1920(L)845(W)1250(H)

      Step Select: mm
      Power Supply: AC 110/220V±10V, 50/60HZ
      Magazine size (LWH,MM):355(L)320(W)565(H)
      Barometric pressure and gas flow rate: 4-6bar/up to 10 l / min
      Weight (KG):260KG

      PCB Automatic UNloader
      PCB Automatic UNloader


      SMT loader

      SMT loader
      This equipment is used SMT circuit board production line operating upper and lower plates
      AI smt线
      AI smt line           

      If you want to get more product introductions, please contact us: