How AOI to help SMT product quality

Automated optical inspection machine (AOI) is a new type of testing technology. It has
developed very rapidly in recent years. The structure of AOI consists of four parts: workbench, CCD camera system, electromechanical control and system software. When testing, firstly, the circuit board to be tested is placed on the workbench of the AOI machine, and the detection
procedure of the product to be detected is called out through positioning. The X/Y workbench
will send the circuit board under the lens according to the command of the setting program. With the help of the special light source, the lens will capture the image required by the AOI system and analyze it, then the processor will move the lens toward the lens. The next position is
collected for the next image and then analyzed, and the image is subjected to continuous
analysis and processing to obtain a higher detection speed. The process of AOI image
processing essentially digitizes the extracted image, and then compares it with the pre-stored “standard”. After analysis and judgment, it finds the defect to make a position prompt, and at the same time generates image text, and the operator further confirms or sends the repair station. Overhaul

AOI machine S-AO600C.

How do buy SMT nozzle for oddform SMC components

How to select SMT nozzle

A, Nozzle material:

1, Tungsten Steel nozzle: Tungsten Steel nozzle strong, durable, but easy to white, not afraid of trouble friends, or SMT new can choose tungsten steel suction nozzle, white with oily pen coating, can continue to use

2, Ceramic nozzle: Ceramic nozzle never white, but very brittle, easy to break. Careful use can avoid or reduce the occurrence of fracture

3, Diamond Steel nozzle: strong, easy to use, never white, but very expensive, cost-effective

4, plastic head nozzle: When the surface of the material is not smooth or the material is sticky, it is suitable to use the plastic head nozzle, but the life of the plastic head suction nozzle is not long You can just put on your own gummy head

B, Nozzle Size: standard specifications of the material, nozzle specifications are basically fixed to Samsung SM, 0805 material corresponding to CN065 suction nozzle, 0603 material corresponding to CN040 nozzle and so on, when some material is not big or small, strange shape, you need to order suction nozzle

C, NOZZLE SHAPE: nozzle shape with square hole, round, v Slot. Bespoke suction nozzle, generally according to the shape of the material, select a flat suction point, some made into an elongated suction nozzle, into the groove plane suction, some material according to the edge of the back, some two-sided plane, the middle is not flat, you have to build a bridge. Some materials have viscosity, is not easy to put the material, it is necessary to open some slots in the suction nozzle wall, or made into plastic head


How to use Bowl vibration feeder for Bulk Electronic components for PCBA

For the last 20 years any odd-form components that did not come pre-packaged have been assembled BY HAND. Any PCB Assembly in today’s market can gain quick advantages by automating their assembly line. Huge costs are spent unnecessarily on labor and import fees.
If you are considering automation of odd-form components in your PCBA, consider these questions:
  1. Does your desired component come available in a package?
  2. Is your lead to hole ratio appropriate for automating?
  3. Is the quality and repeatability of the component suitable for automation?
  4. Does your component require lead preparation prior to insertion?
  5. Does your process require that the component is clinched?
Need help with these questions? Let us know and we will help design your Odd-Form Assembly tailored to your needs!


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PCB Board handling system in Smart factory

The Southern Machinery is a Shenzhen-based company, providing professional automatic insertion machines tailor-made for Electronic Manufacturing Factory. Our team works with recognized experts that have many years of working experience in the industry.

As an industry leader with over 20 years of experience in electronic manufacturing, we provide comprehensive guidance from the AI / PCB design (DFM), AIprocess (NPI) to equipment importing, installation, and auto insertion technology (THT) training, machine troubleshooting/ upgrading/ overhauling / relocating/ fittings. We also offer an affordable line-up of all brand spare parts.
By saving your time and money through getting your PCB Assembly automated, your long-term return on invest (ROI) will also increase with producing PCBs in-house. Working with a proven industry leader allows you to focus on your core business with PCB assembly handled by the proven specialists at Southern Machinery.
We are committed to conducting any level of EMS design work and providing electronic design services. These value-added design services can verify the accuracy and precision of electronic designs, leading to significant improvements for production output and resulting in superior products with higher quality that your target market will love.

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How do LED lenses work? | How to assembly LENS to LED lighting?


A lighting assembly includes a number of LEDs and an optical element proximate each one of the LEDs. The optical elements are configured to direct light from that LED toward an area, such that the light intensity from each optical element is substantially uniform across all of the area. Each optical element includes a first element, a second element, and a third element that extends beyond the first and the second elements.


LED Lens Bulk Vibration Feeder
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