ESD PCB Plates Trolley

Material:Stainless steel & Antistatic Plastic/Carbon fiber PC
Size:11006001400mm or customised
Storage capability: 38 pcs per basket
Surface resistance:≤106Ω
Shock absorption system is opotio 

Size (L×W×H)mm:900×550×1300
Size (L×W×H)mm:1200×550×1300
Slot of Side plate (W×H):100cm×46cm
Side Plate:Ten Pieces Assembled
Flapper Size:10cm×46cm


  1. Side Plate: Sideboard is formed by 10 pcs small panels.
  2. One standard trolley is with 2 pcs single-side flashabord, 2 pcs double-side
    flashboard. It can be added extra double-sideboard flashboard as per actual need .
  3. One standard trolley ‘s Each column insert 100 pcs PCB, Total store 300 pcs PCB.
  4. System Resistance: Dissipative Type 1E6Ω~1E9Ω

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